Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 1

In the time before time, there was an island planet named Manateeland that gave all the planet's resources and stability to a flying robot manatee. The Flying Robot Manatee decided to split the island planet of Manateeland into 5 villages; the village of fire, village of water, village of earth, village of stone and village of light. The villages were divided into 5 villages which each had their own element in order to create diversity and also in order to create more resources as well new elemental resources. The Flying Robot Manatee looked over all 5 villages with his telescopic lens that was in his Kanohi mask of Manatees that allowed him to have unlimited buckets of chicken to keep him immortal. One day the Flying Robot Manatee forgot to eat a bucket of chicken and crashed right into the core of Manateeland when he was flying in the air to look over Manateeland, causing his Kanohi mask to not work or function. Manateeland shook at its very core until swarms of dangerous insect like creatures came out from the island's core and attacked the 5 villages. Before the flying robot manatee crashed into the island's core and lost his powers he used his last seconds of consciousness to activate the 5 cacoons he put in each village that each contained a Toa who's destiny it was to protect their village and save the flying robot manatee and then he put his spirit into a gold Kanohi mask of Manatees that fell miles below the soil where flying robot manatee's lifeless body was in order for it to activate the mechanism within the island's core to awaken the Toa from their cacoons.