• Toa of Water
  • Kanohi mask: Hyacintho (Mask of Water)
  • Toa tools: water blades that attach onto his wrists
  • Height: 5.4 ft
  • Colour scheme: cyan/blue (formerly) cyan/red orange (currently)
Traits: Vapous is relaxed and carefree which causes him to get into trouble and not get along that well with Dinis and Hiari due to his relaxed and not so serious response to serious situations. He also tends to spend most of his time gliding through water streams and water falls by cutting through them with his water blades. 
Other information: his name can also be spelled Vapaus.
Vapous leaping out of his cacoon.

Vapous after being transformed from the Protodermis of the Kanoka disks Flying Robot Manatee ate.
Vapous' upgraded Kanohi mask of water
Vapous battling a horde of creatures
Vapous is his temple in Kanakeitto as he's about to battle for his Kanoka disk
Vapous' Kanohi mask of water