These creatures are species of rahi that were and created by Pateri and were then released from the inside of Manateeland's core due to Flying Robot Manatee becoming unconscious and that caused no one to look over and keep balance between the villages and the rahi Pateri made that are meant on nothing, but destruction.
  • The creatures from the fire village are butterfly like creates that have only 1 eye and have wings made of fire
  • The creatures from the water village are the smallest, but can eat through metal and even acid, they have blades all over the sides of their bodies and have saw like mouths that can rotate at fast speeds to destroy nearly anything in their path
  • The creatures from the stone village are dangerous in nearly every way because they have scorpion like tails that can inject poisons and acids into their enemies and they have hundreds of tongues and things that can attach onto something or someone and take their elemental powers away within minutes. They also carry with dark elemental powers that can cause a villager or species to lose their elemental abilities that'll cause them to die instantly  
  • The creatures from the village of light are centipede like creatures that have thousands of razor sharp legs that allow them to travel at great speeds and to easily knock an enemy down to the ground. They also have snake like tongues that can can paralyze an enemy permanently. They have the ability to crawl through small spaces and even tiny cracks. They're also able to curled into a ball and roll on rough or smooth terrains and surfaces
  • The creatures from the earth village are spider like creatures with claws for hands that allow them to easily make webs by attaching onto walls and rocks and grasping onto the surface they're spinning their webs in. They also have 8 eyes and rock like rough shells as skin