• Colour scheme: black/yellow/orange
  • Weapon(s): Pateri claw blades
  • Height: 10 ft
  • Wasomi is the son of Pateri and was created when the Toa brought Flying Robot Manatee back to life as Toa Elige and that caused the need for balance between too much good Protodermis(light, water, stone, fire and earth) and bad Protodermis(darkness). The remains of dark elemental powers that were in the soil when Pateri's spirit was pushed into the island of Manateeland sensed Flying Robot Manatee/Elige's presence and felt it was time to combine into a single being(Wasomi). Wasomi is very forgetful and that's why he kills those he defeats in battle in order to make sure they're no longer a threat. 
  • Kanohi: Nyama(Kanohi mask of cursed mask creating) it that allows the user(Wasomi) to create Kanohi masks that allow the user to control those who wear the masks that are created.
  • Other information: Has the ability to create buckets of chicken. Can control how long the sun goes down, but only if the sun is currently down. The process of using the Nyama to create a cursed Kanohi mask is different for Wasomi than it would be for a Toa and that's because instead of it summoning elemental energies to place to create something, it summons them from Wasomi's insides which means he gives birth to cursed Kanohi masks by having them slide out of his mouth.Wasomi's elemental powers of darkness don't from his Kanohi Nyama, instead they come from the inside of his body. Wasomi has 3 mouths inside of his mouths. He has a mouth for creating Kanohi masks, a mouth for creating buckets of chicken and a mouth for eating buckets of chicken. Wasomi named his weapons after his dad Pateri in order to remember why he exists. Wasomi's blood is made of rainbows and that means his blood isn't red, but instead a combination of different colours flowing together. Wasomi is a Rahi that was created by Pateri after he turned Luonto into a Turaga and used his elemental power to create Rahi to create a species called Wasomi that would awaken a year it's creator died.
    Wasomi about to battle Nadharia in the village of stone.

    Wasomi using his dark elemental powers to create a bucket of chicken to eat.

    Wasomi using the Kanohi Nyama to create a Kanohi Taina.

    The Kanohi Nyama's ability to create cursed Kanohi masks is caused by the the elemental energies that Pateri's spirit absorbed when it was spread out through Manateeland when he was destroyed by the Toa when they did a nova blast. The huge amounts of elemental energies and Protodermis that flow all across Manateeland allowed the Nyama to learn how to harness and create things using different elements(light, water, stone, fire and earth), but due to it not being used by a living thing, it morphed into a Kanohi mask which Wasomi currently wears. It doesn't allow the user to use different elemental powers, but it does allow them to send different elemental powers into a Kanohi mask that has terrible side effects to those who wear the cursed Kanohi masks that are created by the Nyama. The Kanohi Nyama created a 3rd mouth for Wasomi that allows him to create cursed Kanohi masks. 

    Wasomi using the Toa Manatee's Kanohi masks to create the Kanohi Nuinga in order to enter the temple of the bucket of chicken gods.