Map of Kanakeitto

Kanakeitto is the home island planet of Flying Robot Manatee and is the place where's the Toa's elemental powers were created. It's also where Flying Robot Manatee was created by the robot villagers and where he was given god like powers that allowed him to be in charge of the island planet of Manateeland. Kanakeitto has 5 temples that are the origin places of the Toa's elemental powers. Each temple is populated by a specific colour of robot and also the robot villagers don't have any elemental powers, they do know how to find elemental powers in order to be used as resources or to be melted down into metal to created things or beings such as Flying Robot Manatee. Kanakeitto is shaped like the letter C because a huge chunk of it is nothing, but fog and water that has no elemental powers do to it not being concentrated within a structure such as temple or a Toa. Kanakeitto was destroyed when Flying Robot Manatee ate the Kanoka disks the Toa retrieved for him which caused him to exploded and caused Kanakeitto to crash into Manateeland as it's elemental energies all went into Manateeland which restored life and energy back to the villages of Manateeland.
Kanakeitto crashing into Manateeland.

Temple of fire
Temple of earth

Temple of light
Temple of stone
Creature of the temple of water
Creature of the temple of light
Creature of the temple of stone
Toa Pateri being transformed into a spirit by the robot villagers for the crime of not thinking buckets of chicken are awesome.

Temple of water
Kanoka disk of earth
Kanoka disk of fire
Kanoka disk of water
Kanoka disk of light
Kanoka disk of stone
Creature of the temple of earth
Creature of the temple of fire
Nadharia, Luonto and Pateri being offered buckets of chicken by the robot villagers.

Robot villagers of Kanakeitto.
  • The red robot villagers created the element of earth
  • The purple robot villagers created the element of light
  • The orange robot villagers created the element of water
  • The green robot villagers created the element of fire
  • The blue robot villagers created the element of stone
The robot villagers all died when Kanakeitto crashed into Manateeland because Flying Robot Manatee eating the Kanoka disks caused him to explode and made the robot villagers not know what else to do because the greatest thing the robot villagers made was Flying Robot Manatee and him creating the Toa was viewed as his potential and that allowed the Toa to gain more powerful Kanohi masks, weapons and armour which made them gods of their elements.
Other information: the robot villagers are made of protosteel and the colour of their skin/body/armour is determined based on what elemnt they've been exposed to the most.