• Toa of sand
  • Kanohi mask: Hewa
  • Toa tool(s): sand spear spikes
  • Height: 5.7 ft
  • Colour scheme: beige/black
Traits: Nadharia is an early Toa created by the robot villagers of Kanakeitto along with Luonto. Unlike Luonto, Nadharia wasn't turned into a Turaga.
Nadharia entering Luonto's cave while he's telling Elige tales of when he was a Toa.
Nadhria, Luonto and Pateri being offered buckets of chicken by the robot villagers in Kanakeitto.
Nadharia having a Taina worm flying out of his chest. When Nadharia was battling Wasomi in the village of stone, he fired a Kanohi Taina at him, it caused Nadharia's insides to be eaten up by a dangerous Rahi known as a Taina worm which then flew out of his chest. It resulted in Nadharia's body to change colour from beige to gray and then collapse to the ground due to him now being dead.  
Nadharia about to battle Wasomi in the village of stone.
Other information: When Elige entered the core of Manateeland and caused Pateri's spirit to transform into Wasomi, Nadharia awoke and transformed himself from being a pile of sand and back into a Toa, he was a pile of sand in the village of stone at the time and went to warn Takatahi of Pateri's return. Noticing how Takatahi seemed to be calm and forgetful about what Nadharia just told him, he decided to enter the core himself and battle Wasomi by himself. He then entered the core of Manateeland, but stopped by Luonto's cave while he was telling Elige tales of when he was a Toa.
Nadharia in the village of stone as he's transforming himself from sand back into a Toa as he's warning Takatahi about Pateri's return and about Pateri's spirit being transformed into a being named Wasomi.

When he was in Kankeitto: Nadharia along with Luonto and Pateri were some of the very first Toa to ever be created and watched over the robot villagers in Kankeitto. He and Luonto both tried to convince Pateri that buckets of chicken are awesome, but their attempts failed. When Pateri was transformed into a spirit, Nadharia turned himself into sand and arrived on Manateeland when Kanakeitto crashed into Manateeland where throughout his entire time after Pateri was turned into a spirit he spent as a pile of sand, but when Elige entered the core of Manateeland, he transformed himself back into a Toa.        
The Kanohi Hewa allows the user to control sand as well as shape it into storms, waves and tornadoes. It also allows the user to transform them self into sand fir long periods of time and can also be used to switch back and forth constantly from sand to their normal form.