• Toa of Fire
  • Kanohi mask: Cervena (Mask of Fire)
  • Toa tools: duel fire blasters (formerly) wrist sword and fire blaster (currently)
  • Height: 5.5 ft
  • Colour scheme: red/dark red (formerly) red/bright green (currently)
Traits: Dinis is usually very aggressive and is ready to argue with anyone as much as he battles. Dinis has tended to assume that he's the leader of his fellow Toa, despite Hiari's constant criticisms and disagreements with him. He's also the most non compromising out of his fellow Toa and has the most conviction when making decisions. Dinis usually fires balls of fire from his duel fire blasters when in battle and occasionally threatens to use them when confronting and arguing with Hiari. Dinis also has little trust in anything Vapous says due to his laid back personality.
Other information: Dinis can swim in fire and lava due to his elemental power being fire which comes from his Kanohi mask of fire.  
Dinis leaping out of his cacoon by using fire fire blasters to lift himself up into the air.
Dinis after being transformed from the Protodermis of the Kanoka disks Flying Robot Manatee ate.
Dinis' upgraded Kanohi mask of fire
Dinis' Kanohi mask of fire
Dinis battling a horde of creatures
Dinis in his temple in Kanakeitto as he's about to battle for his Kanoka disk

Kanohi mask that was found in the core of Manateeland and resembles Dinis' Kanohi mask of fire. The power of this Kanohi maskis currently unknown until it was revealed by Pateri that it was used as a tracking device whenever it vibrated to track Dini's movements. It was also revealed by Pateri that whoever puts on the mask would lose their elemental power and become a slave that has the elemental powers of darkness.