• Toa of manatees
  • Kanohi mask: Kanohi mask of manatees
  • Toa tools: claw shield
  • Height: 5.2 ft
  • Colour scheme: yellow/cyan
Traits: Elige is Flying Robot Manatee reincarnated after the Toa brought him back to life, but as a Toa in order to make sure they wouldn't lose their recently upgraded Kanohi masks, Toa tools and armour that they received due to Flying Robot Manatee eating the Kanoka disks that caused his stomach to explode which transformed the Toa into upgraded versions of themselves.
Other information: Elige can fire rainbows out of his eyes just like how Flying Robot Manatee was able to. Just like Flying Robot Manatee, Elige can fly, but not at great speeds and not to other island planets(e.g. Kanakeitto). Elige has the power of telepathy, but it's a lot weaker and more limited in use than Flying Robot Manatee's power of telepathy.
How he died: His death of his physical body was caused by Maziwa and Nafaka who beat the crap of him using Maziwa's shadow screech blades which made him not able to think or remember things properly and caused him to way to escape his screeching and attacks and was caused when Nafaka used his stinger blades to sting and rip apart Elige's torso. Elige almost near completely dying put his spirit and physical body back into the Kanohi mask of manatees breifly after the other Toa arrived in Luonto's former home/cave.    
Elige in Luonto's cave as he's being told about his time as a Toa while Nadharia is there.
Toa bringing Flying Robot Manatee back to life as Toa Elige.
Elige's Kanohi mask of manatees