• Toa of light
  • Kanohi mask: Amarillo (Mask of Light)
  • Toa tools: Duel lightning saws (formerly) Duel lightning saw shields attached onto his wrists (currently)
  • Height: 5.6 ft
  • Colour scheme: yellow/light yellow (formerly) yellow/fuchsia (currently)
Traits: Hiari is aloof and doesn't like to be told what to do and that causes him to get into arguments and fights with Dinis and to a lesser extent with Vapous. He's very skeptical of things and ideas that aren't explained in a way that makes sense. His lightning saws allow him to hover or fly into the air by giving him an aura of light that also increases his speed. Hiari is skeptical of ideas and strategies for battle that aren't explained in great detail or don't align with his own strategies. 
Other information: Hiari is able to control the brightness of the sun when he's near it. Hiaria's lightning saws and his lightning saw shields are able to cut through lightning and is able to at a more effective rate when the lightning being cut is made by the user who cutting it with lightning saws/lightning saw shields.
Lightning striking at Hiari's cacoon while he's leaping out of his cacoon.
Hiari battling a horde of creatures
Hiari's upgraded Kanohi mask of light
Hiari after being transformed from the Protodermis of the Kanoka disks Flying Robot Manatee ate.
Hiari in his temple in Kanakeitto as he's about to battle for his Kanoka disk
Hiari's Kanohi mask of light