• Toa of nature(formerly), Turaga of nature(currently)
  • Kanohi mask: Kanohi Asili(formerly), Noble Kanohi Asili(currently)
  • Toa tools: Organic Protodermis wings(formerly), elbow blades(currently, but used as a Turaga tool)
  • Pateri turning Luonto into a Turaga.
  • Height: 5.3 ft(Toa), 2.5 ft(Turaga)
  • Luonto, Nadharia and Pateri being offered buckets of chicken by the robot villagers in Kanakeitto.
  • Colour scheme: green/yellow(formerly), olive green(currently)
Luonto with some of the Rahi he created using the small amounts of organic protodermis that are in his elbow blades.
Luonto telling Elige his tales about when he was a Toa while Nadharia has entered Luonto's cave to warn him of Pateri's return and that Wasomi is heading upwards through the core of Manateeland to attack them.

Traits: Luonto is a Turaga that lives below the core of Manateeland and lives with the Rahi he has created. His powers are weaker since he's a Turaga, but it doesn't stop him from making Rahi occasionally using both the small amount of power that's in his elbow blades and his Noble Kanohi Asili. The Rahi he makes either have the elemental powers of nature or are slightly mutated from the drops of protodermis and elemental energy that are from the surface of Manateeland that tends to drip down which gives his Rahi some elemental powers(fire, water, stone, light and earth).
Toa Luonto
Luonto's Kanohi Asili from when he was a Toa.
Other information: Luonto's Organic Protodermis wings have the ability to bring anything to life that it touches. When Luonto was a Toa, he didn't fight using Toa tools, but instead brought things around him to life and allowed them to battle for him. Luonto is able to heal things that are living using his organic protodermis wings as a Toa and also by using his elbow blades when he's a Turaga.
Transformation from being a Toa into a Turaga: Luonto and Nadharia tried countless times to try to convince Toa Pateri that buckets of chicken are awesome, but one day Pateri yelled at Luonto so loud it caused many robot villagers in Kankeitto to either go crazy or become traumatized from the loud shriek of Pateri's yell. Luonto told Pateri to meet at the mist filled part of Kanakeitto where he told him that he was going to be punished for not believing buckets of chicken are awesome. Luonto and Nadharia then ran away from Pateri as he being transformed into a spirit by the robot villagers. Later on Pateri and Luonto met again, but Pateri took control of Luonto's mind in which he agreed to let Luonto live, but only if he took most of his elemental powers which turned him into a Turaga.