Map of Manateeland

Manateeland after the Toa left and Pateri started destroying the landscape of Manateeland. Some of the damage to Manateeland was caused by when the Toa drilled, smashed and ripped through the core of Manateeland and also from when Whakato lurked through the core. When Flying Robot Manatee ate the Kanoka disks the Toa ate it caused him to explode as and that made Kanakeitto crash into Manateeland due to the robot villagers not knowing what else to do because the greatest thing they ever created was Flying Robot Manatee. When Kanakeitto crashed into Manateeland, it restored it's elemental energy and life due to the huge amount of unlimited Protodermis that Kanakeitto was made of. Manateeland was restored back to normal, but Kanakeitto and the robot villagers were destroyed in the process. 
Toa cacoon

Part 26 is the same as part 25

The Toa battling Pateri near the core of Manateelnad.
Kanakeitto crashing into Manateeland.
The Toa eating buckets of chicken that were created from the remains of Pateri's dark elemental energy.
The Toa(Dinis, Vapous, Hiari and Takatahi) battling Wasomi's sons(Nafaka, Upinzani, Kurauri and Maziwa) in the core of Manateeland.

Village of fire being inhabited by local villagers

Village of stone being inhabited by local villagers

Village of earth being inhabited by local villagers

Village of light being inhabited by local villagers
Village of water being inhabited by local villagers