• Toa of Stone
  • Kanohi mask: Turuncu (Mask of Stone)
  • Toa tools: giant razor stone claws as hands(formerly) stone hooked claws (currently)
  • Height: 6.5 ft
  • Colour scheme: orange/light orange (formerly) orange/blue (currently)
Traits: Takatahi tends to talk in a blunt way or in a very simplified way. He tends to get confused when his fellow Toa argue because he doesn't know who to listen to. Takatahi gets along very well with Uhuru due to their concrete way of seeing things. Whenever Takatahi doesn't know what to do when he's in his village, he usually throws rocks and boulders into the air and cuts them into pieces with his giant razor stone claws. 
Other information: his name can also be spelled Takitahi. Takatahi tends to write things down on nearby boulders or rocks to remember things and uses his razor stone claws/stone hooked claws to do so.
Takatahi leaping out of his cacoon near a pile of rocks and boulders.
Takatahi after being transformed by the Protodermis of the Kanoka disks Flying Robot Manatee ate.
Takatahi's upgraded Kanohi mask of stone
Takatahi battling a horde of creatures
Takatahi in his temple in Kanakeitto as he's about to battle for his Kanoka disk
Nadharia warning Takatahi of Pateri's return and his spirit has been transformed into a being named Wasomi.

Takatahi's Kanohi mask of stone