• Toa of Earth
  • Kanohi mask: Zelena (Mask of Earth)
  • Toa tools: left hand is giant claw, drill as right hand(upgraded to crushing drill claw) 
  • Height: 4.5 ft
  • Colour scheme: lime green/bright green (formerly) lime green/red (currently)
Traits: Uhuru is usually slow when it comes to talking and walking, but is very consistent and tends to make more noise when he's using his drill to either dig things underground or to battle. Uhuru tends to get along well with Takatahi due to their concrete views of most things. Uhuru usually drills for resources for his village or to find Kanohi masks. 
Other information: Uhuru has super sensitive hearing that allows him to hear the vibration of those near/around him from feet even miles away. His super sensitive hearing is caused by being in the village of earth which is underground partially and also due to his cacoon being underground has allowed him to listen to sounds/vibrations from above and has allowed him to listen to conversations that were near him that have happened while he was in his cacoon.  
Uhuru's Kanohi mask of earth
Uhuru battling a horde of creatures

Uhuru after being transformed from the Protodermis of the Kanoka disks Flying Robot Manatee ate.
Uhuru leaping out of his cacoon in a dark crack or tunnel.
Uhuru in his temple in Kanakeitto as he's about to battle for his Kanoka disk
Uhuru receiving a message from Elige through a telepathic link which tells him that Wasomi is trying to bring Pateri back to life.
Uhuru's upgraded Kanohi mask of light