Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 22

Dinis, Vapous and Hiari continued their journey to find Flying Robot Manatee through the core of Manateeland, they managed to get to the part of the core where the villages of stone and fire meet. The 3 Toa knew their journey might be coming to an end "Looks like we're getting closer and closer to finding Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis sounding confident "It might be where Flying Robot Manatee might be" said Hiari sounding a little bit cautious. They reached closer and closer towards the fire village village below the core and less towards the stone village. Menawhile Takatahi and Uhuru were digging their way to the surface to re-enter the core. They both ended up in the village of stone "The path that the others are taking leads to a dead end" said Uhuru sounding worried "How do you know that?" asked Taktahi with curiosity "I know because why was there drips of water coming from the ceiling and why did the ceiling vibrate when that mask Dinis had vibrated?" responded Uhuru "Didn't Dinis say his hand vibrated and not the mask?" asked Takatahi "It's very clear he was lying because the first thing he said was that the mask vibrated and not his hand" said Uhuru "Ok, OK that makes sense" said Takatahi. Takatahi and Uhuru were walking towards the part of the village of stone where all 5 villages meet, but then they both saw a very unusual sight when they eventually reached the part of the village of stone where all 5 villages meet, they saw a ghost like creature that was mostly black, dark purple and red and had a giant claw as his right hand and giant blade as his left hand and had giant spiky looking horns that contrasted very well with it's or his glowing yellow eyes that glowed so bright that they almost appeared white and it or he didn't have legs, just a tail like shadow. Uhuru and Vapous hid from sight to make sure this strange being wouldn't see them, Uhuru and Takatahi hid at some nearby boulders, the Toa whispered to each other "What...what is that thing?" Takatahi whispered to Uhuru "I don't know, but it's one of the most evil things I think I've ever seen" said Uhuru "Even more evil and sinister looking than Whakato?" whispered Takatahi "Absolutely" responded Uhuru as he and Takatahi continued to talk by whispering "We must tell the other Toa about this right away" said Takatahi "We must, but we must be care to make sure we don't attract it's attention" said Uhuru. Takatahi and Uhuru waited a few minutes to see if the coast was clear. The mysterious looking creature was headed towards the village of water "Hey he's headed towards the village of water" said Takatahi "Yes, he is and that must be why the ceiling in the core was dripping with water even though it was covered in rubble, now we must leave quietly, so keep your voice down" said Uhuru. Takatahi and Uhuru slowly walked down into the entrance of the core by focusing their elemental powers, but then Takatahi accidentally bumped into a boulder and yellod "Ouch that really hurts!" Uhuru said to him "Quiet down, before we attract it's attention" The dark looking being then moved his attention away from the village of water and moved towards the core it spoke and said "None shall face the wrath of Pateri and live to tell the tale" said the dark looking figure. Takatahi and Uhuru rushed as far away from where the core was as quickly as possible, but they didn't run so far that they were stuck going through the core, instead they hid in the shadows of the core where they came from. "Do you think that thing will find us down here?" asked Takatahi looking worried and frightened "I don't know, but I do know that we must reach the Toa and tell them about what we just found out." responded Uhuru. They both knew that they had a new enemy to deal with and they both also knew that meant the core wasn't going to as safe as Dinis, Vapous and Hiari thought.