Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 21

The Toa were running away from the vibration that was near them, they ran so fast that they manage to end up at the part of the core that was underneath the village of stone, they were all exhausted "Hey maybe we can have a break to rest now?" asked Vapous he was panting a little bit "No we must continue our journey before the rest of core collapses on itself" said Dinis as he was also panting from exhaustion due to running so fast. "I think we're near a dead end" said Takatahi as he was breathing in and out heavily "I don't think there's anymore dead ends for awhile" said Dinis, but Takatahi clearly disagreed "I think we won't end up finding Flying Robot Manatee down here, I think we should go back from where we came at the core" said Takatahi "It's too late for that because we've come this" said Dinis. "You should listen to Takatahi this time Dinis" said Uhuru. "Hey, I'm the leader of this team and we must stick together in order to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis as was starting to get angry at Uhuru for disagreeing with him. Uhuru then stared at Dinis with an angry tone coming from his voice when he said the following to Dinis "That mask I found vibrated around the time the ceiling vibrated, it didn't vibrate when you were fighting Vapous and the ceiling didn't vibrate until we found that mask. Until you realize that were headed towards a dead end, I'll be drilling my way back to the surface to re-enter the core and go the right way" Dinis looked shocked and almost paralyzed at what Uhuru had just said to him since he knew Uhuru rarely spoke at lengths and also knew he didn't speak in such an angry tone unless it was about something important. "Very well then , if you want to re-enter the core go ahead, but remember if you're attacked or killed because we're not together as a team it's your fault not mine" said Dinis. Takatahi went along with Uhuru as he drilled his way back to the surface, while Dinis, Vapous and Hiari continued to go in the direction they were heading in, a direction that would either help or hurt their chances of finding Flying Robot Manatee.