Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 20

The Toa had reached the part of the core where the villages of earth and water meet. Dinis and Vapous finally got over the paralysis from being zapped by Hiari. "How much closer until we've found Flying Robot Manatee?" asked Takatahi "I don't know, but I hope we find Flying Robot Manatee eventually" said Dinis feeling worried. "We should rest soon" said Vapous "No, we must continue our journey" said Dinis as they were all getting closer to the part of the core where the villages of earth and light meet. They were almost near a dead end, but immediately walked away from the dead end "Hey, why didn't we rest there? It looks like a long path that means we can't be blocked or sneak attacked anyone" said Vapous "It's because we have to continue our journey, so come on let's continue our journey" said Dinis getting frustrated at Vapous. The Toa eventually were at a part of the core that was in the village of earth and not in both villages of earth and light. Dinis's mask he was holding onto started to vibrate in his hand "I think the mask just moved" said Dinis as he was showing the mask in front of the other Toa "Wait a second, do any of you think that mask might be a living thing?" asked Hiari. "Well if you're concerned about that, it stopped vibrating, it must have just been the pulse of my hand when I was holding onto it" said Dinis trying to figure out an explanation about why the he was holding onto was vibrating. The Toa continued their journey, but they noticed the ceiling was vibrating slightly "Why does the ceiling appear to be moving?" asked Vapous as he look worried about the vibration coming from the ceiling "It must have been from when we were fighting each other" said Hiari. The Toa then ran as far away from the vibration coming the ceiling as possible.