Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 19

The Toa reached the water village part of the core of Manatee land, they were at a dead end. they decided to stop their rest for an hour or 2 "Now can I use my lightning saws that let us see?" asked Hiari "Oh fine, go ahead" said Dinis too focused on the mask he was holding onto to notice anything Hiari was saying. Throughout the time the Toa were sleeping Dinis was still staring at the mask Uhuru had found. Dinis knew it must have some sort of purpose and so did Uhuru to a lesser extent. Nearly 2 hours later, the Toa continued their journey and walked towards the left. "I think we've reached our village" said Vapous "How can you tell?" asked Hiari "I can tell because there's water dripping from the ceiling" said Vapous as he was pointing towards the ceiling. The Toa were stunned to see anything come out from the core's ceiling since Whakato had darkened the core and also due to the rubble that covered the core's ceiling. "Wait why would there be water dripping here, but there wasn't any lava dripping when we were near the fire village part of the core?" asked Hiari looking curious and surprised "Who knows, but maybe it's just a coincidence" said Vapous appearing to have looked like he was regretting telling the other Toa about the dripping water on the core's ceiling. "We should find out what it is that's causing the water to drip underground" said Hiari "I agree with Hiari about this" said Takatahi looked concerned and curious. "No, we have to continue our journey to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis looked angry for some reason. The Toa continued through the water village part of the core and went through various dead ends until they had reached a path that was a straight line. The Toa had noticed that although the path in the core they were taking was a straight line, it had many dead ends near its sides. "We must continue on straight ahead" said Takatahi "But, what about all those dead ends, aren't they a great place to rest some more since it appears that they're aren't that many things at all that want to attack us down here in the core and also because all this darkness down here is making me tired" said Vapous "Vapous you can be lazy when we find Flying Robot Manatee, but until then we have to continue our journey in order to not waste any time that could be spent finding Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis with an angry tone towards Vapous. "Oh fine, but what about all the time you wasted staring at that mask Uhuru found, isn't that a waste of time?" asked Vapous appearing to be laughing a little bit as he was talking "No, it's not because it might have some sort of purpose" said Dinis sounding worried "You're saying every mask we find that looks like yours has a purpose?" asked Vapous "No, but how likely is it to find a mask that looks just like ours?" responded Dinis "Maybe Takatahi's right and it's just a rock" said Vapous as he was laughing so hard while he was talking that he was fell on the floor while he was laughing. "Hey! The more you laugh, the less time you'll get to rest when you're exhausted" said Dinis appearing to be threatening Vapous "OK, I'll stop, but it's just so ironic" said Vapous as he was still laughing, but less than before "Why's it so ironic?" asked Dinis getting more and more frustrated "It's ironic because you're telling us not to waste any time, but you're willing to waste time staring at that mask when we were all resting" said Vapous still laughing, but less and less with each sentence he was speaking "I wasted my time staring at that mask, not yours" said Dinis "I'm just saying it's a waste of time" said Vapous appearing to not want to talk to Dinis afterwards. "Alright then, let's see if you think this is a waste of time" said Dinis as he shot a ball of fire from his fire blaster. Vapous dodged the ball of fire from Dinis by hitting it with one of his water blades. Dinis and Vapous began to fight each other. "Wemust continue of journey" said Uhuru as Dinis and Vapous were appearing to not be listening to what Uhuru had just said. Then Hiari raced up towards Dinis and Vapous as they were both fighting each other and used his lightning saws on both of them "Both of you stop it before you cause the ceiling to collapse on us!" shouted Hiari as he pounded his lightning saws into Vapous and Dinis' backs. They both fell to the ground "Are they dead?" asked Takatahi "No, they'll just be paralyzed for a few minutes" said Hiari 'That should teach both of you not to yell or fight inside a structure that has an unstable ceiling" said Hiari looking ashamed at Vapous and Dinis "But, you yelled too..." said Vapous as Dinis was telling him "Hey just stop talking so he doesn't zap with lightning again" said Dinis looking as he was looking scared at Hiari  which is a very unusual thing the Toa saw. A few minutes later Dinis and Vapous got up from the ground after being paralyzed by Hiari's lightning saws and the Toa continued their journey.