Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 18

The Toa continued their journey to find Flying Robot Manatee, they reached part of the core that's below where the water and fire villages meet. The Toa still couldn't see that well through the core due to the rubble that covered any holes near the ceiling. The Toa traveled at low speeds and walked very slowly and carefully to make sure that nothing was in their way. Hiari eventually got tired of trying to see through the darkness of the core and proposed a solution "I should use my lightning saws to light up the core to make actually see where we're going" said Hiari "No, don't, we don't know what impact or affect it might have on the structure of the island's core" responded Dinis with concern "Isn't our journey going to take longer if we keep walking through so much darkness?" said Hiari "It will, but we have to take that risk" said Dinis "But, what about the risk of maybe being sneak attacked like what happened with Whakato?" said Hiari "Well, that's true..but..." said Dinis as Uhuru was about to interrupt him "Look what I've found" said Uhuru as he saw something a few feet ahead of underneath the dirt like soil that was the floor of the core. Uhuru walked ahead of the other Toa as he began drilling the soil near him, less than a minute after he finished drilling the soil, he used his claw hand and picked something up from the soil he drilled. He stared at it for a few seconds, it had a very familiar almost mask shape. Uhuru then walked up to the other Toa and showed them what he had just found. They all stunned at Uhuru's discovery. "Is that a mask?" asked Hiari "I believe it is" said Uhuru as he handed it towards Dinis who looked stunned to see Uhuru's discovery up close "That...That looks like my mask" said Dinis as he was staring at what Uhuru found. "Is that mask a rock?" asked Takatahi "No, I don't think so" said Dinis "Wait, so you found a mask underneath the soil?" asked Vapous looking confused at what Uhuru found "Yes, it appears to be a mask, but for what I don't know" said Uhuru. Dinis then looked at the mask closer and stared at it for a few seconds and then said "Should I put the mask?" asked Dinis looking curious and a little bit confused "Uh, I don't know if you should that" said Hiari "No, don't put it on, we don't know what powers it might have" said Uhuru. The mask appeared to be exactly like Dinis' Kanohi mask of fire, but instead of being red, it was blend of blue, fuchsia and white. "Hey if you're not going to do anything with that mask, just put it back where you found it" said Vapous "It might be best to leave it alone" said Takatahi "No, I'll keep the mask, but I won't put it on, I'll just keep it to see if anyone might know what's meant for" said Dinis as he was holding the mask in his hands as he and the other Toa continued their journey to find Flying Robot Manatee through the core of the island of Manateeland.