Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 17

The Toa saw a dark green arm from Whakato as it grabbed onto all of them squeezing them until they almost couldn't move. Whakato walked around various dead ends near the Toa were standing. "You don't realize the power that I've gained" said Whakato "What power, do you mean making this place so dark that you can't tell what's what?" asked Takathi "Yes, to some extent" said Whakato "Wait what do you mean to some extent?" asked Hiari "It's because I've been given life once again, but I can't use the gold Kanohi mask of manatees" said Whakato "Why can't you use the Kanohi mask of manatees?" asked Hiari "It's because if I do I'll die" said Whakato. Whakato then said to the Toa "I can kill you all if I wanted to right now, but I won't because you must do something for me if you want me to leave you all alone" "Wait why are you asking as to do something for you?" asked Hiari "It's because I know the gold Kanohi mask of manatees is in the island's core and I must find a way to obtain it, if you find the gold Kanohi mask of manatees, kill Flying Robot Manatee when you find his body" said Whakato. The Toa appeared stunned at what Whakato was offering, but they knew they'd rather be tortured by Whakato then kill Flying Robot Manatee "We say no to your offer" said Dinis "No, but why? Don't you want me to never harm your villages again?" asked Whakato "We'll stop you, but not by killing Flying Robot Manatee, but by killing you" said Dinis. Whakato was about to increase how tightly his was holding onto the Toa, but before he could even get the opportunity to do so, the Toa used their elemental powers and weapons to get out of Whakato's grip. "What? how could you escape my grip of my multiple arms?" said Whakato "It's because when we use our elemental powers together as a team, we can defeat any enemy at anytime and anywhere" said Takatahi. The Toa then ran as far away from Whakato as they could, but Whakato was blocking every path and even every dead end. The Toa knew the only way to escape was to battle Whakato. Dinis crouched to the ground and fired balls of fire from his fire blasters at Whakato near his legs, hoping to make him unstable. Only a few of Dinis' balls of fire hit Whakato's legs, but it was hard due to how dark the core was and the lack of light that appeared in the core. Hiari made a force field around himself using his lightning saws that blocked most of Whakato's arms from reaching him. Vapous was slicing dozens of Whakato's arms with his water blades. Takatahi used his razor stone claws and waited until Whakato arms came near him and when he saw even a little bit of his arms, he ran up to them and sliced them into tiny pieces using his razor stone claws. Uhuru waited until Whakato's arms were near him and then grabbed them with his claws and put them around his drill to destroy them a way a blender would. "Hit him with everything you've got, this is the only way to continue our journey" said Dinis and he was dodging Whakato's arms that were trying to grab him. Uhuru walked closer and closer to Whakato using his drill to destroy his arms as they continued to try to attack him, then when was about a few feet close to Whakato he jumped onto his back and crawled up to the top of his head drilling through Whakato's arms as they were focusing on attacking the other Toa. Whakato noticed Uhuru drilling through the arms that were on top of his head and then put more of his attention to Uhuru and less on the other Toa. "So you think you can drill my arms huh? Well take this!" said Whakato as he used one of his knife arms to try to fling Uhuru off his head. The knife arms was heading towards Uhuru, a few seconds before the knife arm was about to hit him, leaped off his head and grabbed onto his back. The knife arm stabbed Whakato in his head as he screeched with pain due to his head being stabbed by his own knife arm. Uhuru was still holding onto Whakato's back with claw and used his drill and pointed to where the Toa were and said "Now, now use your elemental powers, before he tolerates the pain" "I doubt he could tolerate that much pain" said Vapous appearing to be laughing at how much pain Whakato was in. "We don't have anytime to joke around about this Vapous, we got to kill him and continue on in our journey" said Dinis as he sounded like he was starting to lose his patience. Uhuru then leaped off of Whakato's back and joined the other Toa. They all ran up to Whakato as his body was suffering from the pain, his arms were too focused on trying to heal from the pain he did to himself that he thought would attack Uhuru instead. The Toa jumped onto Whakato's body and attacked him with their weapons. Takatahi ripped through Whakato's guts and skin until there holes that use to be his skin. Vapous sliced cuts and scars onto Whakato's body. Hiari used his lightning saws to create a vibration near where Whakato's eyes were as they were glowing red still, but less than before, he vibrated his lightning saws near Whakato's eyes until his vision was so bad he couldn't see the Toa attacking him. Uhuru and Dinis went near his jaw that was filled with razor sharp rotating blades as teeth, Uhuru drilled through Whakato's teeth and Dinis melted his teeth until they looked like melted candles. Afterward they attacked Whakato with their weapons, they all stood together and combined their elemental powers to destroy Whakato. Whakato's body afterwards became nothing but dust and appeared to had evaporated in the process of the Toa using their elemental powers against him. "Come on now, let's go. It's very clear that our journey must continue on" said Dinis as he had a strict tone in his voice. The Toa all briefly looked at where Whakato was standing and then they all continued their journey to find Flying Robot Manatee.