Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 16

Early in the morning the Toa awoke from resting through the night as they were ready to enter Manateeland's core in order to find Flying Robot Manatee. The Toa each walked back to their village to reach the ends of their villages to meet at the island's core. The creatures that stayed hid from Whakato had returned and he appeared to have nearly exterminated anything that was living such as villagers. Dinis battled butterfly like creatures that had wings made of fire. Hiari battled centipede like creatures as they curled up into balls and jumped off of cliffs to attack Harai. Takatahi battled against purple leech like creatures that had scorpion like stingers. Vapous battled against thousands of tiny creatures that lots of rotating blade like teeth. Uhuru drilled through hundreds of spider like creatures that crab like claws on the ends of each leg. They each reached the ends of their villages where all 5 villages meet within a few hours. The Toa each briefly stared at each other as they were all standing at the exact place they were the first time they went into Manateeland's core. "All right should enter the island's core now?" asked Takatahi looking confused "Very well then, let's enter the island's core" said Dinis looking calm. "There is no time to waste" said Uhuru. The Toa just like the first time they entered the island's core gathered into a circle and concentrated their minds and elemental powers until the island to shake again and caused an entrance to appear to the core again. The Toa went deep into the ground down to the island's core. "Is it just me or is it darker down here than it was before?" asked Vapous. The Toa appeared to be surprised at how different the core was in comparison to the last time they were down there. The walls had cracks all over that appeared to have occurred recently, the ground was more unstable and bumpy as it appeared to have had wobbled around slightly and the ceiling was crumbled by so many rocks and boulders that it made it nearly impossible to tell what village they below of. "Wow this place is darker than the last time we were here" said Takatahi "Maybe my lightning saws can light this place up" said Hiari as he was about to use his lightning saws "No, don't we don't have clear idea of what direction is which, we should be careful down here" said Dinis "Oh, OK fine, but how are we going to figure out where we're going in such as dark place?" responded Hiari. The Toa waited about an hour to see where the nearest amount of light would come from, but the Toa then realized that there was light or deatil coming from any direction. Uhuru heard something come from where the fire village would be "A think I hear something in this direction" said Uhuru. The Toa followed Uhuru and they all walked in the part of the core that was below the village of fire. The Toa eventually made a right turn and went upwards to a dead end "Uhuru you lead us to a dead end" said Vapous "I didn't lead you here, I lead you all towards this specific area" said Uhuru "Hey what does that even mean?" asked Takatahi looking confused. "Wait I think I can hear something" said Hiari as he stared at the direction they came from. "Are you sure that's not just the vibration from the surface?" asked Dinis "How could there be vibration coming from the surface if there's nothing, but those creatures up there?" responded Hiari "Hey you never know for sure" said Dinis "Well that's true" said Hiari as his attention to the sound he heard disappeared. The stood at the dead end for many hours trying to determine which way they should go next "Does anyone remember what ay we were at last so we don't get lost?" asked Takatahi "No, I don't think so" said Dinis. Then suddenly out of nowhere a long arm stretched towards the Toa at the dead end they were standing at and attacked them, the Toa didn't ever see Whakato's arm coming to grab them.