Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part 15

The Toa began to forge a plan to find Flying Robot Manatee. "OK then so do we all agree to go back into the core of Manateeland, but together this time?" asked Dinis to the other Toa. All the Toa appeared to be in consensus. "Alright then, we'll return to the core of the island tomorrow morning" said Dinis "Why not return to the core later today or even at night?" asked Hiari "It's because we must prepare be ready and not just rush in with no plan" said Dinis "But wait, we must save our villages first" said Uhuru looking worried "I'm aware you're village has been destroyed and so have many of ours to a lesser extent I think, but when Flying Robot Manatee is brought back to life, he'll bring life back to our villages" said Dinis. The Toa prepared the rest of the day to return back to the core. The Toa were training to fighting each other as practice before they were going to start their back into the core to find Flying Robot Manatee. Takatahi practiced by having Vapous throw boulders at him and seeing how quickly he can slice them with his razor stone claws "Hey, can I take a break, these boulders are too heavy" said Vapous as he was getting tired from training and throwing boulders. Uhuru practiced by closing his eyes and sensing movements and the direction of the air around him. Hiari and Vapous stood near where Uhuru was training "Is Uhuru even training?" asked Vapous appearing confused at what Uhuru was doing "Yes, he is" said Hiari. Takatahi stared at Uhuru as he was training and said "Is that even training?" Takatahi then threw a boulder towards Uhuru, within seconds of the boulder even coming near him, Uhuru leaped towards the side as the boulder smashed into the in tiny pieces of rubble "I could sense your movements" Uhuru said to Takatahi. Vapous prior to helping Takatahi train, was practicing be standing on top of nearby cliffs in Takatahi's village of stone and jumping off of them and gliding in the air with his water blades that allowed his elemental powers to make him swim through air. Hiari and Dinis practiced by fighting each other, each time they took turns seeing if they could block each other's attacks. "You're really good fighting" said Hiari exhausted and impressed "Same thing I'd say about you too" said Dinis as both of them were exhausted and both knew they were ready to head into the core of the island of Manateeland. Meanwhile Whakato was living in the core of the island, waiting for the Toa to return to find Flying Robot manatee's body, he knew if he wanted to defeat the Toa, he had to hide from them and then do a sneak attack. "It's only a matter of time before I can destroy the Toa and the nothing will stop from taking over Manateeland" said Whakato as he was getting a smile on his face.