Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part 14

Takatahi and Dinis wondered around the village of fire to see if there was any life or villagers left, many of them had either died or had hid from sight. "Maybe the villagers are hiding in rocks" said Takatahi. Dinis then fired a ball of fire out of his right arm's fire blaster towards the village of stone "Why did you that?" asked Takatahi "To signal the other Toa to meet us there" said Dinis "We could've just thrown a boulder towards them or to identify where we're all going to meet" said Takatahi. Meanwhile Hiari, Vapous and Uhuru saw Dinis' ball of fire reach up into the air on land near the village of stone "I think Dinis is signalling us all to meet him and Takatahi at the village of stone" said Hiari as he and Uhuru were carrying Vapous through the bright sky of the village of light. Vapous' body couldn't take the high amount of light and sun from the village of light, but then Uhuru got an idea "This might be a little risky, but we need to put Vapous' Kanohi mask of water on him" said Uhuru "What makes you think that'll save him?" asked Hiari being a little skeptical "His elemental powers have been lost because he doesn't have his Kanohi mask, if we put it on him, it'll revive him" said Uhuru with conviction coming from each word he was saying "Please, just put my Kanohi mask on me...I can't take this...much...light and sun...for that...much...longer" said Vapous as his body and armour was appearing to look less shiny and a vibrant cyan colour and more of a rusted and grayish blue colour. "Oh fine, put the mask on him" said Hiari. Uhuru put the Kanohi mask of water on Vapous, instantly Vapous' wounds, cracks and lack of elemental powers were regained the moment he put on his Kanohi mask of water "I feel like I was never almost killed" said Vapous with a happy tone coming from his voice "Well, it's great to see you better" said Hiari grunting a little bit "Come on let's head back to the other Toa" said Vapous leaping in the air in a way that made it look as if he was skipping towards the village of stone. Meanwhile Takatahi and Dinis were continuing to walk to the village of stone, they made it there very quickly due to Dinis escaping from the island's core at an area of the village of Fire that nearly borders the village of stone. Takatahi and Dinis reached the area of the village of stone that the ball of fire landed, it left a a foot deep hole into the rock like dirt and dust covered ground. Takatahi found a nearby boulder and smashed into where the ball of fire landed "That'll be noticeable, than some ball of fire" said Takatahi with confidence coming from his voice "All you notice are stones and rocks" said Dinis. Within a few seconds after Takatahi placed the boulder into the hole, Vapous rushed towards where Dinis and Takatahi were. They were both surprised to see Vapous in such a happy mood and seeming so hyper "Where's Uhuru and Hiari?" asked Dinis "They're coming" said Vapous running back forth as he was waiting. Within 15 minutes Uhuru and Hiari reached where the ball of fire had landed, they both appeared exhausted from trying to catch up to Vapous, although they both also appeared to have a happy tone coming from their exhausted voices "We're back and why have you brought us all here?" asked Hiari as he seemed relieved that Vapous was saved "We're all here because we need a new plan to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis "We...must go underground to the core" said Uhuru as he was trying to not breathe too heavily "We'll go back to the core once we've a plan" said Dinis "Alright then so what's the plan?" asked Hiari appearing to be stressed "We'll have to figure that out" said Dinis "OK so does anyone have a plan?" asked Dinis "Why did you bring us all here if you don't have a plan?" asked Hiari "It's because we can't just split into groups to fight and to find Flying Robot Manatee, if all 5 of us were underground we could have defeated Whakato much easier" said Dinis "What are you talking about I was the one who defeated Whakato, I saw his body as it was dying in the process, I saw his body and skin get melted and zapped into liquid. It's clear I know how to defeat things, you don't" said Hiari as his anger towards Dinis continued to grow "Alright then, so if it was just you would have defeated Whakato's arms that were chasing you in the island's core?" asked Dinis as he already knew the answer "I could have if you weren't in my way?" said Hiari "You said me and Takatahi and battle Whakato while you were catching your breath" said Dinis "Well...I didn't think of that" said Hiari as he was realizing he was losing the argument "So are you finding Flying Robot manatee with us or finding Flying Robot Manatee without us?" asked Dinis "Oh, fine let's just figure out a plan" said Hiari as he was getting exhausted from arguing. Meanwhile in the village of light, creatures began to return from hiding from Whakato, they began to lick the remains of Whakato. Some of Whakato's remains leaked into the cracks in the ground, some of it had reached so deep into the island's core that it even touched the gold Kanohi mask of manatees, which made it protected by a layer of Whakato's DNA and caused Whakato's body to regenerate "I am alive again" said Whakato, then he sensed where Flying Robot Manatee's body was and was about to eat his lifeless body, but then he received a vision from Flying Robot Manatee's gold Kanohi mask of manatees. It spoke to him in a slightly hollow tone "You've been given life again, but to continue to live, you must protect my gold Kanohi mask of manatees and if you ever try to put it, you're life will be taken away from you" "Uh...OK" said Whakato with a worried look on his face and in his voice as he realized his life now became only about protecting Flying Robot Manatee, the being who attacked him every time he tried to attack the villages of Manateeland.