Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part 13

In the village of fire Dinis, Hiari and Takatahi have just left the core of the island of Manateeland. Hiarai wonders why Dinis wanted to return back to the surface "So why exactly did you make us leave the island's core just to return back to your village?" asked Hiari "It's because I think Whakato might destroy our villages before we can save them" said Dinis feeling slightly enraged. "Wow no matter what happens our villages appear to be most likely to get destroyed" said Takatahi "That's it, I'm going to my village to save my people and it's species" said Hiari as he left Takatahi and Dinis to walk to his village. Hiari began traveling back to the village of light, within a and hour or 2 he reached the village of stone where he fired bolts of lightning from his lightning saws to determine the closest route to his village "Only a matter of time until I can protect my village" said Hiari with a serious tone in his voice. The deserts of the village of stone made Hiari's vision blurry and then he used his lightning saws to clear out the dust that was in his way, he continued his path as a straight line which took almost a day to return back to his village of light. Meanwhile Uhuru walked underground in the core of Manateeland as he listened carefully to the surface above him to see what direction Whakato was taking. Within a little more than half of a day, Uhuru had reached the village of light and he knew this due to the small holes and cracks in the ceiling of the core, he saw bright slightly yellow lights coming from those small cracks and holes. Uhuru then whispered "Don't worry Vapous, you'll be safe soon" Meanwhile Vapous was almost on the verge of death as his neck was being choked harder and harder and occasionally not as hard for an unpredictable amount of time as Whakato continued to torture Vapous. "If you don't surrender now, I'll kill you and I mean it this time" said Whakato as he his glowing red eyes appeared to be staring right at Vapous' numbing head. "It's...It's not least....not...yet..." said Vapous as his voice was cracking from the lack of oxygen. Then Whakato then grabbed onto Vapous' entire body and held onto him with 4 of his arms, it was appearing as if he was going to eat Vapous. Whakato's rows of teeth began to rotate as Vapous' almost dead body reached closer and closer to his mouth. At that moment Uhuru appeared and started to rush towards Whakato, too worried on Vapous to try to hide from Whakato's arms, when ever Whakato's arms tried to catch Uhuru, he grabbed onto them like vines and leaped towards Whakato. Uhuru grabbed onto Whakato and pinched part of back and hip slightly with his claw, he was about to use his drill to cut a hole through Whakato, but he could Whakato moved towards the sides causing Uhuru to fall off of Whakato, Vapous' body was starting to get shredded by Whakato's rows of razor sharp teeth, Uhuru didn't know what to do and suddenly out of nowhere Hiari appeared and with Whakato distracted by Vapous and Uhuru, he used his lightning saws and cut 2 vertical lines in Whakato's back causing blood to come out of him, when Whakato began to notice the pain coming from Hairi's lightning saws, he used his elemental powers and zapped Whakato until his body became partially liquid like and also until none of Whakato's body was moving. Hiari rushed towards Vapous as his body was covered in the liquid like skin of the creature Whakato and his Kanohi mask of water was lost and caused a mechanical like face to appear that had a smiley face to be exposed on him and his body was filled with cuts and cracks all over his armour. "Vapous are you OK?" asked Hiari appearing to be worried "Uh...Yeah...I'm OK" said Vapous appeared to struggling to speak properly "We must find the other Toa to help him" said Uhuru "I should have sued my water blades when I was being choked by Whakato, but my mind couldn't remember I even had them" said Vapous as he was breathe in and out. "My village, I think it's been destroyed" said Uhuru "It might have been destroyed, but we were able to stop the other villages from being destroyed" said Hiari "We must go back underground into the island's core to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Uhuru feeling worried "I care about my village as well, but you should better than any of us that it'll take time and we can't save all the villages, if we aren't together to do it" said Hiari as he and Uhuru were lifting Vapous' almost dead body.