Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part 12

Hiari, Dinis and Takatahi were heading towards the fire village part of the core, but first Hiari and Dinis began to argue, Hiari's silence was broken the moment Takatahi pointed towards a dead end on their right and said "Hey, Dinis are you sure that's not a another path?" Hiari began to walk at a slower pace than Takatahi and Dinis. "Hiari, why are you slowing down?" asked Dinis. "That path doesn't have that much light, I think it could be a trap" said Hiari "Well, most of the paths in here are dark, why don't you use your elemental powers and be useful" said Dinis "I used my elemental powers against Whakato's arms that were chasing me, I'm exhausted, just leave me behind or we should continue our journey later today" said Hiari "We don't have time for you to rest, we have to save Manateeland and stop Whakato" said Dinis "Very well then, let's just keep walking" said Hiari as he was getting frustrated. Dinis decided to use elemental power of fire to light up the path they were taking. "You're not the only one that can light things up" said Dinis as he was firing balls every time he walked a step of and fired at the path towards them. "Our path will be less dark, and it'll also kill any enemies or Whakato's arms that might be along the way" said Dinis "What if Uhuru and Vapous are in our path?" said Hiari "Well, they'd fight back of course" said Dinis. Then Takatahi leaped ahead of  as he saw a drop of lava almost drip on his shoulder from above him that came from the core's ceiling. "Takatahi, what is it?" asked Dinis. Then Dinis saw the drop of lava that Takatahi ran away from "Looks like were below the fire village now" said Dinis. Dinis then told Hiari and Takatahi to stay where they were standing for a brief moment "Both of you, stay here for now, I know a way we can escape the core" said Dinis "Escape, but we're here to find Flying Robot Manatee, how can we leave here now?" asked Hiari "Simple, watch this" said Dinis as he fired a ball of fire from his fire blasters as it created a hole for him to escape out of. "Hiari, Takatahi when I've reached the surface, Hiari fire bolts of lightning and then Takatahi you escape last in order to throw a boulder at the our exit to stop Whakato from trying sneak up on us again" said Dinis. Hiari then fired bolts of lightning that allowed him leap up onto the surface, Takatahi then threw a boulder that was from the core at their escape once all 3 of them reached the surface. Meanwhile Uhuru was entered the hole he drilled and a few feet away Uhuru found Vapous' Kanohi mask of Water as it was just lying in the soil of the core's ground. Uhuru picked it up with his claw and quickly leaped back to the surface. Uhuru walked as quietly as possible towards Whakato as he was choking Vapous. The closer Uhuru got towards Whakato, the more of his arms began to move towards where Uhuru was and less towards Vapous' village. Uhuru hid from Whakato's arms by hiding near trees and moss covered rocks that were near his village. "I sense a Toa...a Toa of earth" said Whakato as his grip on Vapous became slightly less tight with each time Whakato could sense Uhuru. Eventually Uhuru hid behind a tell brownish coloured tree that had green moss and leaves covering a huge amount of it's bark. Whakato's arms saw Uhuru hiding as he was holding his breath in order to not a make sound to ensure Whakato wouldn't hear or sense him. "I know where you are now" said Whakato as he used one of his knife arms to cut the tree Uhuru was hiding behind. Whakato chopped the trees Uhuru drilled a hole behind the tree and began to curl up into a ball. Well, I guess he must have hid somewhere else now" said Whakato as his grip on Vapous began to become slightly more tighter again. Uhuru began to put dirt on himself as stayed in the hole he dug behind the chopped down trees, a few minutes later, Uhuru came out of the hole he dug once he could sense Whakato was headed away from Vapous' village and towards different parts of his own village. Uhuru was still holding onto Vapous' Kanohi mask of water although it was now dusty and had a few cracks around it's edges. He then decided to hide underground until Whakato was near the village of light. This way he could do a sneak attack on Whakato. "This is a risk my village must take" said Uhuru as he was risking the lives of his own village just to save the other 4 villages.