Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part 11

Hiari continued to run away from Whakato's arms as they were reaching up to him. Hiari could ran faster and faster until he could see 2 figures running up towards him. "I have Whakato's arms trying to attack me and now I have something or someone else racing towards me" said Hiari as he couldn't completely catch his breath. Meanwhile, Dinis and Takatahi began running towards where the foot steps were coming from "Whatever is coming towards is going to have deal with my elemental power" said Dinis as he was to fire a ball of fire from one of his fire blasters. Takatahi and Dinis could see a blurry looking figure come near them that appeared to be yellow. Dinis fired a ball of fire at the yellow figure, but narrowly missed it and fired at 2 of the 6 arms of Whakato that were chasing Hiari. "Hey, that's Hiari" said Takatahi as he and Dinis began to fight off Whakato's arms that were chasing Hiari. Hiari began catching his breath as he felt exhausted from running so far at such a fast pace. "I'll fight Whakato...with both of you, but first...I've got to catch my breath...I'm exhausted..." said Hiari breathing in and out heavily. Takatahi used his giant razor stone claws to slice Whakato's arms into pieces while Dinis fired balls of fire at Whakato's arms whenever they appeared to move after being sliced into pieces by Takatahi. Then a few minutes later Hiari was about to join Dinis and Takatahi on fighting off Whakato's arms, but then "OK, it looks like his arms are destroyed, at least for now" said Dinis "Looks like you and Takatahi did all the work" said Hiari in a happy tone "Yeah, that's true, but shouldn't we continue our journey to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Takatahi "OK, come on, Hiari are coming with us or returning with Vapous and Uhuru?" asked Dinis "I'll come with you" said Hiari "Are you absolutely sure?" asked Dinis "Yes, because it's too late to go back now since it's clear alone we're weak against Whakato, but together, we can easily defeat him" said Hiari with a serious tone in his voice "OK, let's head towards the fire village" said Dinis. Hiari was about to ask why he'd want to check the village part of the core to find Flying Robot Manatee, but instead he just continued to walk along with Dinis and Takatahi to the fire village part of the island's core. Meanwhile Vapous and Uhuru were at a dead end that was below an area that's between the light village and the earth village "Hey can you sense a way out of here?" asked Vapous "No, but I can sense something coming towards us" said Uhuru. Then a out of nowhere an arm from Whakato raced towards where Vapous and Uhuru were and blocked them from escaping "Hey, how many arms do you?!" shouted Vapous as he was starting to get tired of Whakato attacking them. "I'm just here to tell you either stop trying to find Flying Robot Manatee or I'll kill all the villagers in your village" said Whakato "If we don't find Flying Robot Manatee, you'll still enslave the villagers anyways" said Vapous "Well...uh...face my wrath" said Whakato as he stretched his arm around Vapous' neck nearly chocking him so hard his Kanohi mask fell off "Now let's see if you can breathe underwater now" said Whakato as he lifted Vapous so high up in the air he ripped a hole through Manateeland's core. Uhuru watched for a few seconds as he saw a giant hole from caused by Whakato bring light from the surface into Manateland's core. He could see the sky as it was a blend of a pale green colour and yellow. Uhuru then rushed up towards the hole by grabbing onto rocks that were on the walls of the core. He then leaped towards where the hole was and noticed Whakato didn't move that far away from him as he could easily see where Vapous was being choked to death by Whakato. "Quick do something...grab my Kanohi...mask" said Vapous as he was gasping for air. Then Uhuru drilled a hole into the surface near where the hole caused by Whakato was and hid from Whakato in order to find Vapous' Kanohi mask of water.