Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part 10

Uhuru, Vapous and Hiari are searching for Flying Robot Manatee in the area of the core that's below the border of the water village and the earth village. "Do we even know where we are?" asked Hiari "Yes, I sense we're between my village and Vapous' water village" said Uhuru. "How can you even sense where we're going?" asked Hiari "If you look close enough to the ceiling, you'll see small beams of light that are the colours of our villages" said Uhuru as he pointed his claw up into the air near the ceiling of Manateeland's core. "Wow how can you see the light when you're from a village that's covered in darkness?" said Vapous with a happy tone in his voice "Do either of you know where we're going to maybe find Flying Robot Manatee?" asked Hiari feeling exhausted "If any of you need me, I'll be going to the part of the core that's near my village" said Hiari as he was walking away from Uhuru and Vapous. Meanwhile Takatahi and Dinis were at a part of the core that had 2 different paths "I saw we take the path on the right said" said Dinis "Uh what about the path the path on the left?" asked Takatahi with curiosity  "Well, what about we both take the path we want to?" asked Takatahi "No, let's stick together" said Dinis "Well OK then" said Takatahi as they both took the path on the right, but the path they took was a dead end. "Well, I guess we'll take your path then" Dinis said to Takatahi. The 2 Toa went to the left path and it was also a dead end "Wow there's a lot of dead ends here" said Takatahi "Yeah, I guess there is" said Dinis. Then suddenly Takatahi and Dinis could hear foot steps coming closer and closer to them "Where are those foot steps coming from" said Takatahi "I don't know, but it's most likely something that wants to attack us, come on let's come right at whatever it is" said Dinis as he was about to shoot his fire blasters at the area that the foot steps were coming from. Meanwhile Uhuru and Vapous were wondering if they should follow Hiari or continue in the path they were going "Well Hiari clearly doesn't know what it means to be in a group" said Vapous as with a smug tone in his voice "Let him find his own way to Flying Robot Manatee, We'll find ours" said Uhuru. Then a Vapous could feel something grab onto his shoulder "Hey is something on my shoulder?" asked Vapous. It was a dark green arm that was grabbing onto Vapous' shoulder "Watch out" said Uhuru as he pointed his drill towards Vapous' right arm because his left arm had it's left shoulder attached onto by the creature with dark green arms "OK, take this" said Vapous as he sliced one his water blades into the creature's arm "Ouch that really hurts, now you'll face the wrath of Whakato" said the creature. Meanwhile Hiari was near the area of the Manateeland's core that was bordering the villages of light and earth "Wow this is a really long straight path" said Hiari. Behind Hiari was an arm from the creature Whakato, his arm followed Hiari every step since he left Uhuru and Vapous to go on their own path. When Hiari was near the part of the path he was taking that moved in it's direction he looked behind him to see if there were other paths he could take and then he saw Whakato's arm as it was just standing looking almost paralyzed and suddenly it raced after Hiari as such a quick pace, that Hiari didn't have time to run away. The arm wrapped around Hiari for a few brief seconds until he used lightning saw to escape from Whakato's arm's grip. "Try to wrap around my lightning" said Hiari as he fired beams of lightning from his saws at the arm. The arm was ripped apart afterwards and Hiari was about to continue to walk along, but then half a dozen more arms from Whakato raced up towards Hiari and caused him to run so fast that he constantly bumped into edges and walls of the core.