Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part 9

When the Toa reached the core of the island of Manateeland, they stumbled due to the darkness and lack of light that was there. "How can anyone see in here?" asked Dinis "Quick everyone focus your elemental powers" said Uhuru in a quicker tone than usual "OK, I hope this works" said Vapous. Then all 5 Toa stood still for a few seconds and then they all started to spin around within a glow of the colour of their element that was also spinning with each Toa. Their elemental powers lighted up the entire core of the village "Wow, this must be unusual for all of us...except for Hiari" said Vapous. Meanwhile the creature with the dark green arms began rampaging the villages of Manateeland and killed many of them and as well as made many of them his soldiers if they weren't killed. The only threat on the surface of Manateeland for it was the creatures that also infested the villages. "Now all I need to do get rid of those pest creatures and also those pest known as the Toa" said the dark green arm creature. Whenever any creatures were near the dark green arm creature, they were usually not responsive to the dark green arm creature due to it's intimidating appearance. Each village the dark green arm creature went to, it ate the cacoon the Toa came from in order to sense where they've been and also to stop the Toa from knowing where they are. Meanwhile at the core of Manateeland, the Toa are searching to see where Flying Robot Manatee is. The Toa decided to split into groups, Uhuru, Hiari and Vapous went into a group and searched for Flying Robot Manatee in the light, earth and water village parts of the core, while Dinis and Takatahi serached for Flying Robot Manatee in the Fire and Stone village parts of the core. Their search for Flying Robot Manatee would start to take them deeper than they had ever expected.