Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part 8

At the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet, Takatahi, Uhuru, Dinis, Vapous and Hiari were standing at the edge of their village. For a few minutes all the Toa were silent until Takatahi spoke "Are you all Toa?" The other Toa seemed somewhat shocked that a fellow Toa would ask something so obvious "Yes, we're all Toa, why would you think otherwise?" said Vapous in a somewhat threatening tone "Well...uh...I just wanted to make sure you were all Toa and not just some rocks that were weirdly shaped" responded Takatahi in a blunt way "How could you confuse a Toa for a rock?" asked Vapous feeling exhausted at Takatahi's simplified questions "The reason why is because most of the rocks I've seen have had something or someone hiding behind it" said Takatahi "OK..that sounds weird" said Vapous as he felt disgusted at Takatahi's response for some reason. Then in a slow, but decisive moment, Uhuru spoke and said "Not all rocks have enemies and things that can kill, they also have allies that can lead you to your destiny" Vapous briefly looked stunned at Uhuru's and was silent afterwards "OK, now that we're done talking about rocks, can we just talk about why we're here" said Dinis in a frustrated and impatient tone "You seem to be in a hurry" said Hiari "I'm in a hurry because we have no time to waste to save Flying Robot Manatee" said Dinis responding to what Hiari had just said "OK then, so if we don't have a plan to find Flying Robot manatee, is that still a waste of time?" said Hiari "The time we're wasting talking about rocks and not on Flying Robot Manatee, is time that could have been spent on a plan" said Dinis getting gradually angrier with each word Dinis said "What plan do you have then?" asked Hiari "Uh, how about we combine our elemental powers or at least something" said Dinis "Can you give some more details about how we're going to combine our elemental powers?" asked Hiari as he was getting skeptical about what Dinis was saying "It's simple, we go deep underneath the island and locate where Flying Robot Manatee is" said Dinis "We already know he's at the core of the island, so how are we going to go underground to find him?" asked Hiari "Like I said before, we combine our elemental powers" said Dinis. Then Vapous bluntly and briefly spoke"You 2 fighting is making me feel less worried and more happy" "So having no plan on finding Flying Robot Manatee is funny?" said Hiari "It's funny how you don't know how to combine our elemental powers" said Dinis "You what never mind, I'll let you 2 keep arguing" said Vapous. Then suddenly out of nowhere at the area of the island where the 5 villages meet, a pair of dark green hands started to come out from the ground and grab onto Vapous "Uh, a little help here" said Vapous as he couldn't move his legs on his own. Meanwhile Dinis and Hiari were still arguing with each other. When Vapous' entire body was being held onto by dozens of long dark green arms, the other Toa noticed when Takatahi found a pebble that was near him and threw at Dinis' head "Hey, what was that for?!" said Dinis enraged. Then Dinis and the other Toa started to fight back against the dark green hands that were grabbing onto Vapous "Let go of him now" said Dinis in a serious tone. Uhuru then stopped fighting the dark green arms and stood still where he was standing and allowed the dark green arms to hold him "Hey what are you doing?" said Dinis as he and the other Toa tried to grab onto Uhuru to take him away from the dark green arms. "Uhuru, seems to be both and crazy" said Dinis "No wait, look what's happening to Uhuru" said Hiari. A bright green glow started appear and it was coming from Uhuru, then he moved his arms in a t shaped position and punched his drill into the ground. The vibration from his drill made giant knife looking boulder appear to come out of the ground and landed onto the dark green arms. The dark green arms let go of Vapous before he almost went underground "Wow, you should have told us that we could that" said Vapous stunned "It is not me, it is my elemental power" said Uhuru in a calm voice "You see, that's what I mean by combining our elemental powers because if that's what 1 of our elemental powers can do, imagine all 5 of us" said Dinis feeling confident "That's coming from the Toa who called Uhuru both silent and crazy" said Hiari "Well...uh, if Vapous wasn't being grabbed by thing, he would have also thought he was silent and crazy" said Dinis with a feeling of regret in his voice "How can we use our elemental powers if you think we're crazy?" asked Hiari "Well I fell into a lava and survived, that's an example of my elemental powers" said Dinis "I think we're all aware of that" said Hiari "I wasn't aware of that" said Takatahi. "Come on let's go underground and find Flying Robot Manatee's body before it's too late" said Dinis. The Toa gathered into a circle and concentrated their minds and elemental powers and it made the borders between the 5 villages move slightly and caused an entrance to the core of the island. The Toa all felt where they were standing move lower and lower into the ground until all they could see was darkness. Meanwhile when the Toa were reaching the core of the island, the dark green arms lifted the knife shaped rocks that were stopping it from moving. The dark green arms came out of the small crack that it was attached onto and stood on it's own on the surface. The dark arms were part of a creature that was more sinister and evil looking than what the Toa had just saw grab onto Vapous. It had a round base of a body with stumpy legs that looked like stumps, it also appeared to have it's arms attached onto the top of it's head and was almost entirely dark green, except for beige coloured rows of teeth that were it's jaw and glowing red eyes. It also had 2 arms that were giant blades. Now that the Toa were underground, it could rampage anything or anyone.