Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 7

In the village of water, creatures were destroying the water and the villagers "Where's a Toa when you need one" said a villager as he was about to shred into pieces by a creature. A creature tried destroying a strange cacoon that was attached onto a rock, but when the creature almost ripped the bubble shaped cacoon open suddenly a a blade attached onto an arm came of out of part of the cacoon and grabbed the creature with his and smashed into little pieces. Then more creatures went inside the hole of the cacoon that was made by the being that was inside it, then the cacoon exploded and all that remained was a blue figure who had blades attached onto his wrists. "I am Vapous, Toa of Water and prepare to be washed away" said the blue figure, he saw a villager about to killed by a creature and then leaped towards the villager "Quick get on my back" said the blue figure as he sliced the create in half with his blades that were on his wrists. "Do you know what you're doing?" asked the villager that was on his back. "Hey watch this" said Vapous as appeared to almost slice a villager into pieces, but instead he narrowly missed the villager and smashed a creature into pieces "You see almost dying can be fun" said Vapous in an inappropriate way "I don't think that was funny, it seemed more worrying than anything" said the villager with a worried look on his face" "Hey how would you like to get sliced into pieces?" said Vapous "Uh, are you sure you're a Toa?" asked the villager "Absolutely I'm a Toa and know that because of my Kanohi mask" said Vapous "hey you didn't my question, do you want to get sliced into pieces?" asked Vapous being repetitive "No, why would you ever ask anyone something like that?" asked the villager " out!" said Vapous as he dodged down from a swarm of creatures and the villager narrowly didn't get bitten by any of the creatures due to Vapous quickly slicing them into pieces "Quick stay here if you want to live" said Vapous as he fought more and more creatures "Hey I've got something to show you" said the villager "What is it?" asked Vapous " Then the villager pointed towards a river that was a place where most of the village's water came from "If you put your cacoon in the river, it'll guide to where you need to to go" said the villager "Also my village chief s super lazy and doesn't really care about if you've awaken from your cacoon" said the villager. Later that day Vapous used his water blades and managed to cut the rock that had the cacoon on it off of the ground and carried it towards the river "Wow, I hope this is worth all this work" said Vapous feeling tired. Then Vapous decided to go inside his cacoons and it sent him down the river so fast that everything felt like a blur. Then when Vapous came out of his cacoon again he landed on the part of his village where all 5 villages connect/meet. "Wow this place seems strange" said Vapous as he was walking forward. The rest was up to him.