Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 6

In the village of fire, the villagers are being attacked by creatures that have wings made of fire. While this is happening a mysterious red glow is coming from a rock that's near a river of lava, on the rock is a bubble looking cacoon with something burning inside of it. When one of the fire creatures almost attacks the rock, suddenly a red figure pops out of the cacoon and fights back by using guns that are on his hands or wrists that fire balls of fire. The balls of fire hit 2 or 3 fire creatures and they fall into the river of lava disintegrating into nothing. A local villager walked to the red figure and asked "What are you doing?" "What does it looks like, I'm saving your village" responded the red figure with a slight tone of anger in his voice. The red figure then began to fire at a swarm of fire creatures that were heading his way and he tripped into the river of lava "Help!" yelled the red fire, but he felt no pain and no harm. The red figure then stood up from the river of lava and continued firing at the swarm of fire creatures, but then the village chief saw him and told him "Come to me to find out your destiny" "Uh...OK" responded the red figure as he walked to where the village chief told him. The village said to him "You are Dinis the Toa of Fire" "What's my destiny?" asked Dinis confused and worried "You're destiny is to meet up with the other Toa and save the Flying Robot Manatee" said the village chief. "I've got a question, when I was in the lava, why didn't I die?" asked Dinis "It's because fire is your element, if that was a river made of water or light or ice you might have died right away" responded the village chief "So that means the fire creatures can't defeat me?" asked Dinis with a slightly more happier tone than awhile before "Yes, that's true, but before you save our village you must save Flying Robot Manatee, quickly now when the sun goes down, you must concentrate all your elemental power and it'll take you to the other Toa" said the village chief. When sun went down Dini stood near some rocks that were near a pool of lava, Dinis tried to concentrate his elemental power, but it wasn't working "Oh, how am I ever going to focus all of my elemental power?!" said Dinis enraged. Then he got an idea "Hey, maybe I should swim into the lava" he said. Then Dinis fired a ball of fire into the pool of lava in order to lead to an area for him to concentrate his elemental powers. Then Dinis concentrated his elemental powers while inside the lava, it sent him up into the sky just like a lava coming out of a volcano and when landed on the surface, he was at the part of the village of fire that connected all 5 villages together. "Well I guess whatever happens will shape my destiny" said Dinis as he was shrugging anything that would be exciting. The rest was up to him.