Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 5

Deep slightly underground is the village of earth, a village that is dark and has very little light and the light that is there is a dark green colour. The villagers didn't realize they were in danger because the creatures blended into the dark parts of the village which was almost everywhere. The creatures attached onto some of the villagers and attached onto their faces as they tried to gasp for air as they were having all their oxygen taken out of them. Then, in a deep crack or hole, a rock like pillar with a bubble like cacoon could be heard with with crackling sounds coming from it and a glowing green aura/light came from the bubble shaped cacoon and a green coloured being ripped through the caccon using both a claw and a drill. The green coloured being said to himself "I am Uhuru."in a calm and slow voice. Uhuru observed the villagers as their faces were being attached on with creatures and slowly moved his feet until it caused a vibration in the ceiling, then when the ceiling vibrated 3 times he quickly ran into where the rocks were about fall from the ceiling and grabbed onto the and rock and threw it at a hole where the creatures were coming from "This is will hold them for now" said Uhuru in a quiet voice. Then the villagers that either weren't killed by the creatures or hid from them walked in the area that Uhuru held onto the rock as Uhuru was curled up into a ball waiting until he was needed again. Then a villager walked towards where Uhuru was sleeping/curled up into a ball and wondered what was hiding near there. The villager walked closer and closer and suddenly as the villager started to get so close he could start to see the green being known as Uhuru, Uhuru curled out of a ball and leaped towards the villager. "Who or what are you? Just please don't hurt me" said the villager "I am Uhuru and I'm the Toa of earth, take me to your village chief" said Uhuru in a quiet, but serious voice.  The villager walked Uhuru where the villager chief and Uhuru said to him "How do I find the other Toa?" The villager chief responded by saying "I see you know your destiny well, focus your elemental powers and you'll meet the other Toa" "OK" said Uhuru. Immediately afterwards Uhuru began concentrating all his elemental powers which took him longer than the other Toa. Uhuru positioned his drill up into the ceiling and began spinning until his body began to move just like a drill, when he landed on the surface he noticed he was where all  the villages meet. The rest was up to him.