Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 4

In the village of stone, the villagers were being killed by creatures. As the villagers were having their elemental powers drained and basically killed, suddenly a ripping sound. A tall orange coloured being with razor sharp claws appeared to have ripped himself out from a bubble shaped cacoon. Without even waiting a second, the orange figure ran up towards the creatures and used his claw hands to shred the creatures into pieces. The orange figure said "Looks like those purple things are dead" a local villager walked towards the orange figure and asked "Are you a Toa?" The orange figure responded "I'm Takatahi, Toa of stone and watch out" without even noticing the danger a creature walked up near the villager and without even noticing what Takatahi was telling him he shredded the creature that was behind the villager. "Anyways, what's going on here?" asked Takatahi The villagers were losing their elemental powers and dying right in front of Takatahi, then he jumped up and down into air and began spinning into a tornado that moved back worth until the creatures were shredded into pieces. Without even realizing he also accidently killed some of the villagers in the process "Oh...sorry about that" said Takatahi in confused tone. Takatahi walked around the village and wondered if all the villagers were dead, but then a horde a creatures were hiding behind a a tall rock, the creatures jumped on top of Takatahi, but without thinking he shredded the creatures into pieces. The rock the creatures were hiding behind fell towards him due to the vibration of Takatahi's claws. Takatahi sliced the rock into pieces. Then he saw a pile of dust disappear that was behind the rock. Takatahi walked towards where the dust was coming from and saw a pile of villagers curled up and staying still. Takatahi saw them cowering and walked right in the direction they were sitting. The villagers saw Takatahi and without remembering he's a Toa all ran away from him, Takatahi then leaped in the direction they were running and he put his claws right into the ground "I'm here to hurt you, I'm here protect you" said Takatahi "Sorry about that, but we don't know what's good or what's evil because nearly everything that's not a villager that's from our village tends to be an evil creature that wants to kill us" said a villager "Well, how can I prove to you that I'm good?" asked Takatahi. The village chief slowly walked towards Takatahi and said to him "You killed those creatures with your claws and didn't try to take our elemental powers, so that means your good." said the village chief "OK, but what am I suppose to do now?" asked Takatahi confused and a little bit worried "You must meet the other Toa to find the Flying Robot Manatee before it's too late, the rest will be explained when you meet the Toa" said the village chief "OK, but how am I suppose to meet the toher Toa? and are you coming along with me?" asked Takatahi confused and filled with questions. "I won't come along with you because I need to make sure my villagers don't think everything is evil and also because I'm not a Toa you are" said the village chief. "Concentrate your elemental powers and you'll find the other Toa" said the village chief. Later that day Takatahi started spinning around with arms waving in the air until everything felt like a blur and sent him to a place that didn't feel like the village of stone, but was connected to the other villages. "Well, here I come other Toa" said Takatahi. The rest was up to him.