Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 3

In the village of light, the villagers are being paralyzed and the number of creatures in that village are growing by the thousands. "Someone please help us" said a villager as he was running from about 3 creatures, then suddenly a yellow being leaped out of a bubble looking cacoon and jumped into the air, then he landed on the ground with saw looking weapons in both of his that appeared to be generating lightning from each one, the yellow being said "You'll be shocked to know you'll be the ones paralyzed now" then he pointed his saw weapons at a group of creatures and lightning struck out of his weapons and zapped the creatures into dust. A some local villagers walked up towards the yellow figure, one of them said "Who are you?" The yellow being responded in a calm tone and said "I am Hiari, Toa of light, why do ask?" "We ask because it has been said that you're our village's protector against the evil creatures" said one of the villagers. "Who said I'm here to protect your village?" asked Hiari "The Flying Robot Manatee created you to save us when he's not here" said the villager "Why would a Flying Robot Manatee create me?" said Hiari. Then some creatures raced towards when Hiari was standing and the villagers shouted to him "Look behind you!" Hiari dodged the creatures' attacks and they instead paralyzed the villagers he was talking to. "Sounds like you don't want me to know what my destiny is" said Hiari in a frustrated tone. Then he started spinning around until he was surrounded by nothing but lighting and he moved his arms straight towards a hole in the ground where the creatures were coming from and zapped lighting at the hole. "I hope that solves the whole problem" said Hiari exhausted. Then creatures started to appear from more holes than were hidden due to the amount of dust and dirt that was covering and they all prepared to attack Hiari. Hiari then yelled to all the villagers. "Quick run towards me if you want to stay safe" The villagers all ran towards where Hiari was standing. Some of the villagers couldn't make it and were paralyzed. Hiari then pointed his lightning saws towards the ground, all the villagers held onto Hiari and he said to them "Hold onto me and don't let go, this is going to be a little bit dizzy for some of you" When Hiari blasted lighting into the ground he was standing on, it sent him and the villagers into the air and caused a wave of lighting to destroy all the creatures that were on the ground. When Hiari and the villagers landed back on the ground, a villager said to Hiari "It appears that you've killed most of then, but some of them are still hiding underground waiting until you leave, they repopulate very quickly." "Well, I guess I'll just stay here until you all repair your homes" said Hiari as he noticed the villagers' homes were destroyed from the creatures and from Hiari's wave of lightning. "Uh...sorry about destroying your homes" said Hiari in a very worried voice. "That's OK, at least we're still alive" said a villager "Besides the creatures will all be dead once you meet with the other Toa" said a village chief as he approached Hiari. "What do you know about this?" asked Hiari "I know that you're here to save us from the creatures and to find Flying Robot Manatee before we're all dead." responded the village chief "I should stay here to protect you all" said Hiari "Nonsense, we'll just relocate to a safer area within our village, but meanwhile you must meet with the other Toa in order to increase elemental strength because you'll need as much power as possible" said the village chief in a very serious, almost alarmist tone. "OK, I guess I'll leave now" said Hiari confused "No, you must leave now, you have no time to waste" said the village chief as he was showing him the way out. "How do I find the other Toa?" asked Hiari as he was about to leave "Concentrate your elemental power until you're no longer in the village of light, the rest will make sense afterwards" said the village chief. A few hours later Hiari stood on top of a rock and concentrated his mind and elemental power and then suddenly a beam of light was approaching Hiari and then hit it with his lightning saws until the light grabbed onto him and sent him traveling so fast in a straight line/path until everything felt like a blur. Then Hiari was at the part of his village that bordered the other villages. The rest was up to him.