Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 24

Uhur and Takatahi were still in the entrance of the core, waiting to attack Pateri, but they didn't know for sure how to attack him without him knowing where they were coming from. Taktahi briefly climbed back up to where the 5 villages meet and poked his head up from the entrance ever so slightly. Takatahi saw Dinis, Vapous and Hiari being attacked by the being Pateri and he knew this by using the telescopic lens that's on the right side of his Kanohi mask of stone. Dinis, Hiari and Vapous saw Takatahi as his head was showing slightly, but they didn't know for sure because of how far away Takatahi was so it looked like a small orange blur. Pateri briefly stopped fighting the Toa and looked at what Dinis, Vapous and Hiari were looking at, but Takatahi quickly climbed back down to where Uhuru was before Pateri could ever see Takatahi hiding. "What were you looking at?" asked Pateri with a threatening tone in his voice "Uh...Uh we were just looking to see if Flying Robot Manatee's body wasn't here, but maybe in one of the other villages" said Vapous looking worried "Whatever it is that you were all looking at, it won't matter because I have you right where I want you" said Pateri "You only had us trapped here since we re-entered the surface" said Vapous "Oh really, do you want to know the power of that mask that sent you back to the surface?" asked Pateri as he began to create a shadow like force field around him and the Toa as they were battling. "Why?" asked Vapous as the Dinis began to focus less on fighting Pateri and more on what Pateri was about to say "What purpose does that mask that sent us back to the surface have?" asked Dinis "It's purpose is for me to destroy you" said Pateri "Wait...What do you mean destroy me?" asked Dinis "Didn't you wonder why the mask was glowing?" said Pateri "Well, yes but what purpose does have for helping me find Flying Robot Manatee?" asked Dinis "It's meant to destroy you, by tracking your every movement" said Pateri as he fired a blast of demons at Dinis after told him that. Dinis fell to the ground and tried to get back up, but he couldn't because the demons Pateri fired caused Dinis to briefly become paralyzed. Before Dinis could recover from the paralysis and get back up he was grabbed by Pateri's hand and couldn't escape. Dinis was struggling to escape Pateri's grip as he told him "Didn't you wonder why the mask was vibrating, each time it vibrated, it signaled me to your location and once you reached the village of fire and returned to the surface, I knew the time came to destroy you and the other Toa, it was only a matter of time" said Pateri. Vapous and Hiari continued attacking Pateri as he was talking, but it wasn't working. Hiari fired bolts of lightning from his lightning saws, while Vapous raced up towards Pateri and tried slicing him with his water blades. "You call those attacks, no element can defeat the power darkness" said Pateri as he slashed Vapous and Hiari with his left arm's giant blade, they were both pushed into the ground from Pateri's attack "I just hope Takatahi and Uhuru find Flying Robot Manatee because if his body's not where, it has to be underground in the core" said Hiari as his body was aching from Pateri's attack "I told you that mask was nothing, but trouble" said Vapous as he was also aching from the pain that was caused by Pateri's attack. "At least you weren't as foolish as I thought" Pateri said to Dinis "At least you didn't put that mask" said Pateri "Why? What would have happened?" wondered Dinis "It would have absorbed your elemental powers and made you my slave that would have become a Toa of darkness" said Pateri. Dinis felt relieved that he didn't put on the mask "That's too bad, but only if I made a mask that resembled the Kanohi mask of one of the other Toa, maybe then they would have been foolish enough to put it on in order to divide you and stop you from ever finding Flying Robot Manatee" said Pateri as he was about to summon demons from his horns to attack Dinis, but then Dinis used up all the elemntal powers he had left and focused it in his right arm that made his arm move straight towards Pateri's face and then he fired a ball of fire from his fire blaster. The blast didn't attack Pateri that hard, but it was enough for Dinis to escape Pateri's grip and leap back to the ground. Dinis then ran as fast as he could back to Vapous and Hiari. They began to run away from Pateri and ran towards the part of the village of fire where all 5 villages meet. They knew they had to go back to the core to hide from Pateri.