Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 25

Takatahi and Uhuru eventually decided to through the core, it took them a few days, but they eventually reach the fire village. They reached the village of fire part of the core very quickly by running through every path they took and whenever there was a boulder or rubble in their way by either Takatahi slicing it into pieces with his razor stone claws or buy Uhuru drilling it with his drill. They were both exhausted and decided to briefly rest at a dead end. "How are we going to get of here?" asked Takatahi "We'll drill our way out to surprise Pateri" said Uhuru as he was staring at his drill. "I don't know if you can drill out here" said Takatahi "Why do you say that?" asked Uhuru "It's because the ceiling has become so unstable, you can just climb your way out" said Takatahi appearing to be chuckling a little bit as he said that. Uhuru began to stare at the ceiling and waited until he could hear something coming from the ceiling, he waited and waited for many hours, but there was still no sound coming from the surface. "Do you think maybe Pateri is near the core of Manateeland to sneak attack us?" asked Takatahi "No, I don't think so" said Uhuru with a sense of fear coming slightly from his voice. "Anyways, should I slice the ceiling open so you can see what's going up there?" asked Takatahi "No, don't we must be patient" said Uhuru. Takatahi then decided to rip the ceiling open using his razor stone claws "OK, look up here now" said Takatahi as he grabbed Uhuru by his waste and held onto with one of his razor stone claws and lifted him him up to the hole he made in the ceiling "Do you see anything?" asked Takatahi. Uhuru stared across the village of fire, he couldn't see anything "No, I don't see anything" said Uhuru. Taktahi then lifted Uhuru back down into the core. "If Dinis and the others aren't in the village of fire where they said they were heading, where could they be?" asked Takatahi "I don't know, but this is very worrying" said Uhuru as he was trying to figure out a plan. "I think you were right Takatahi, we have to return to the surface" said Uhuru as he began drilling through the ceiling that Takatahi had just destroyed to make sure their exit from the core could be easy to find in the case of an emergency. They were on the surface of the village of fire and saw the village of fire as the villagers that once lived there were nowhere to be seen and the lava that once flowed through it as rivers and pools was now evaporated from Pateri's dark elemental powers. Uhuru appeared almost traumatized at he had just saw happen to the village of fire "If this is what Pateri has done Dinis' village, I don't want to know what he's done to my village" said Uhuru. Takatahi then said to Uhuru "Watch out!" shouted Takatahi as he grabbed onto Uhuru's left hand and ran with him back into the hole they just dug up. "Why did that just happen?" asked Uhuru as he and Takatahi were both back in the fire village part of the core. "I did that because Pateri appeared to be coming after us and I couldn't see the other Toa near him" said Takatahi "Do you know what that means?" asked Takatahi "That means..they're either dead or they're in the..." Uhuru was interrupted by Takatahi "That means they're in the core" said Takathi. "Come on, lets' go back to the part of the core that we entered it from" said Takatahi "All right then, let's go back to the entrance to the core" said Uhuru. Takatahi and Uhuru both began their journey back to the entrance of the core of Manateeland.