Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 26

Takatahi and Uhuru started their journey back to the part of the core theat was the entrance. They ran as fast as they could with the worry of Pateri eventually finding them "This is taking too long" said Takatahi as he ran with Uhuru "I know, but we must come back to the entrance of the core if we want to find the others" said Uhuru. Pateri did eventually figure out that Takatahi and Uhuru were in the core and summoned demons to come to battle Takatahi and Uhuru inside the core The demons blocked Takatahi and Uhuru as they were heading to the part of the core that's underneath the village of earth. The demons didn't attack the Toa, but they blocked their path. "Hey is their anyway of getting through these things?" asked Takatahi as he was trying to slice them with razor stone claws "I don't know" said Uhuru "Maybe our weapons are useless against these demons, but what about our elemental powers?" said Takatahi "Maybe, but it seems like a risk because it could affect the structure of the core" said Uhuru "I'll take that risk" said Takatahi. Takatahi then stood still and let the demons go through him, then an orange glow covered Takatahi's body as he was concentrating his elemental power of stone. When the orange glow around Takatahi disappeared, his grabbed onto the ceiling threw boulders and rocks at the demons, the demons disappeared and allowed them to continue their journey "I guess that's not as big of a risk as I thought" said Uhuru. Takatahi and Uhuru continued their journey through the core, but instead of running, they began to walk throughout the rest of their journey in the core. They eventually were in the part of the core that was underneath where the villages of earth and water meet. They were both silent throughout their journey after they defeated those demons, until Takatahi broke the silence "Hey how much longer until we've reached the entrance of the core?" Uhuru responded "Not much longer, perhaps 2 days at the most, but around a little bit more than a day until we'll reach the core's entrance" said Uhuru. A few hours later they were at the part of the core that was underneath where the villages of water and fire meet, they could tell because they started to feel less drips of water leak on them from the ceiling and more leaks of lava "This leaking lava is getting annoying" said Takatahi as he was trying to use his razor stone claws to slash through the lava that was leaking near him "The pain we face underneath here now will be worth it once we meet up with the other Toa" said Uhuru. "How likely do you really think it is that the Toa are just waiting for us at the entrance of the core?" asked Takatahi "Why do you seem skeptical about where the Toa are?" responded Uhuru "Maybe they're just running from Pateri still in one of the villages" said Takatahi "The Toa will be at the core's entrance because that's where we meet to enter the core and I don't think the other Toa are ready to fight Pateri yet and neither as we" said Uhuru as they were getting closer and closer to the fire village part of the core. About 5 hours later, Takatahi and Uhuru had reached the end of the fire village part of the core and had returned to the entrance of the core that was the could lead them back to the surface. Takatahi and Uhuru waited for Dinis, Hiari and Vapous to arrive "So how long should we wait?" asked Takatahi "We must wait as long as possible" said Uhuru as they both stood around the core's entrance, walking around and looking at the ceiling to if anything or anyone was coming. About half an hour later, Dinis, Vapous and Hiari had arrived into the entrance of the core appearing exhausted and worried "Hey what you all so long?" asked Takatahi "Hey it's not our fault, that thing our there is nearly impossible to defeat or even attack" said Vapous as he was panting and catching his breath "So we've been through the entire core, we've searched the entire island, where can Flying Robot Manatee be!" said Dinis sounding frustrated and exhausted "Come on...we need...we need to figure out a new plan... to defeat...defeat Pateri" said Hiari as he was trying to speak in proper sentences, but struggled due to how exhausted he was because he and Dinis and Vapous had ran across such a long length of the island. Takatahi Looked at the circle like entrance they were standing in and noticed a pattern across some of the edges "Hey look at this" said Takatahi as he was crouching down to the ground and staring at the part of the core where the floor and ceiling met. Hiari walked up to where Takatahi was and said "Taktahi might have found a way to find Flying Robot Manatee" said Hiari. Seconds later the other Toa walked up to where Takatahi was and were astonished at what Takatahi had found by using his telescopic lens in his Kanohi mask of stone. The part of the core where the floor and ceiling met had damaged and cracks on it, but it appeared to be in the shape of a square that was the size of a Kanohi mask "What could this mean?" asked Vapous "This means we can find Flying Robot Manatee" said Hiari with happiness coming from his voice "Quick take off your Kanohi masks and place them on the cracks in the wall" said Takatahi. The Toa each took off their Kanohi masks put them on the cracks in the wall, at first it appeared as if they wouldn't attach onto the cracks in the wall, but once they touched the wall even slightly they attached on very easily. The Toa could feel a vibration coming from the surface above them and also a vibration coming from underneath where they were standing. The Toa had no idea what was happening and were all filled with wonder about what was this could mean for their journey to find Flying Robot Manatee.