Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 27

The Toa were in the core of Manateeland, the ground and ceiling were vibrating and even shaking on them. Their Kanohi masks were being used to unlock the island's core and they had no idea what was going to happen next. Then ceiling and floor started to not vibrate as much and where they were standing was dividing into 5 separate pieces, each piece of the floor had one of the Toa standing on it. The Toa were silent as this was happening because they had no idea if anything they said or did would have an impact on what was occurring to them. The Toa felt dizzy and felt like they were about to fall off of their piece of the ground, but stayed still with them as they were all elevated down lower and lower to the ground. The Toa's minds felt blurry and soon felt as if they were all thinking at one time about the exact same thing. They felt like this until they reached so low into the ground that they felt as if they couldn't go any lower in the core. The Toa could feel visions go through their minds as they could feel a power almost god like feeling approach them. The Toa eventually stopped getting visions through their minds once they felt the ground stop going low into the ground and their bodies felt less like something was vibrating them. The pieces of ground that each Toa was standing on attached onto a metal like floor that made the ground they were standing on feel like steps. The Toa walked off the ground that they were standing on, put their Kanohi masks back on and walked towards the center of where they were they saw right in front of them, the Toa stared at what was at the center of the room, there they saw the lifeless body of Flying Robot Manatee "Hey guys we found Flying Robot Manatee" said Takatahi. "Wait if the only way the core could be open to find Flying Robot Manatee's body is by us putting our Kanohi masks on the cracks in the wall, then that means only Toa can find Flying Robot Manatee" said Hiari. "That makes sense" said Dinis viewing what Hiari had just said as a concrete explanation about why Flying Robot Manatee's body couldn't be found until now. The Toa all walked closer and closer to Flying Robot Manatee's lifeless body. Vapous swung his right arm up and appeared to have almost stabbed Flying Robot Manatee, but be narrowly missed it because he felt a strange glow coming from Flying Robot manatee's lifeless body "Vapous this is no time to be joking about killing something because this is what we came for" said Dinis "Oh come on, I wasn't really going to chop Flying Robot Manatee into pieces, I just did that as a joke" said Vapous looking and sounding worried. "I'd expect Whakato to try to kill Flying Robot manatee, but maybe not you Vapous" said Dinis. Flying Robot Manatee's body then started to glow, the Toa all had a strange feeling that Flying Robot Manatee's body wasn't glowing, but something underneath his body was glowing, Takatahi then grabbed Flying Robot Manatee's body was his razor stone claws "Hey make sure you don't slice him into pieces with claws" said Vapous sounding like a mixture of trying to be funny and sounding concerned. Takatahi held onto Flying Robot Manatee's body in his hands as he and the other Toa saw what was underneath where Flying Robot manatee's body was, what was there was a glowing orb like container that was protecting was a button that was inside of it "What do you think that button does?" asked Hiari "What ever it does we must be careful?" said Dinis feeling as if he had no idea what that button would do "Takatahi you should smash the orb open and press the button" said Uhuru looking certain about what would happen. "No! I'm holding onto Flying Robot Manatee's body, someone else do it" said Takatahi looking worried as he was holding onto Flying Robot Manatee's body. "Fine then, I'll smash the orb and press the button" said Uhuru. The other Toa looked concerned at Uhuru as he smashed the orb, but they knew he was most likely doing the right thing "Just be careful" said Hiari. The button Uhuru had obtained from smashing the orb started glowing and changed from being a dark gray to changing to a bunch of vibrant colours at such fast speeds it appeared as if each second he held onto the button he saw an entire rainbow of colours flash before his eyes. Uhuru threw the button in the center of the floor where it was placed when it was covered by an orb. "Everyone come close to me" said Uhuru. Then Uhuru and the other Toa circled the button as it was placed in the center of the ground. "What are we suppose to do now?" asked Dinis "We must each press the button" said Uhuru. Then each Toa pressed the button and once they all pressed it, the gold kanohi mask of Manatees teleported to where the Toa were as it just came from the soil of Manateeland's core. The dents, scratches and dirt that was on the gold Kanohi mask of Manatees was gone and the Toa couldn't believe what was happening before their eyes, Flying Robot Manatee's lifeless body starting levitating away from Takatahi's hands and moved towards the top of the ceiling, the gold Kanohi mask of manatees flew up into the ceiling along with Flying Robot Manatee's body. Flying Robot Manatee's body then stood still hovering in the air as it waited for the gold Kanohi mask of manatees to fly towards his body and attach onto him, when the gold Kanohi mask of manatees attached onto Flying Robot Manatee's face, the Toa knew things were about to change.