Sunday, March 22, 2015

Part 28

The Toa saw the gold Kanohi mask of manatees attach onto Flying Robot Manatee's face and suddenly Flying Robot Manatee started flying all over the room and a few minutes later landed onto the ground "You're Flying Robot manatee, we finally found you at last" said Dinis with joy coming from his voice "Yes, you have" said Flying Robot Manatee in a relaxed, almost cartoon like voice "Will you restore the island of Manateeland back to it's original form?" asked Hiari "Yeah, but not yet" said Flying Robot Manatee. The Toa all looked confused at why Flying Robot Manatee wouldn't restore the island of Manateeland yet "Why won't you restore Manateeland yet?" asked Hiari "It's because there are many things I must show you first" said Flying Robot Manatee "What do you need to show us that could be important than uh...I don't know saving an entire island that's about to be destroyed if we don't get back there?!" asked Vapous sounding worried "It has to do with why you were all created and why your destinies have sent you here" said Flying Robot Manatee "We all know why we were created, to find you and save Manateeland and that's our destiny" said Vapous "Vapous does make a good point" said Dinis "That is true, but it's a very simplistic way of looking at it" said Flying Robot Manatee "Well, uh...what other way is there to look at it?" asked Takatahi looking confused "I'll show you all very soon" said Flying Robot Manatee "Soon, our villages are being destroyed and you want to show us what our purpose is! We already know it, we don't need to be told over and over again!" said Vapous getting frustrated "Vapous, listen to what Flying Robot Manatee has to say, after all Flying Robot Manatee is a god like being for a reason" said Uhuru as he was trying to calm down Vapous "Oh fine, tell us why it's our destiny to save you and the island of Manateeland" said Vapous with a joyless tone in his voice "OK, then all of you grab my arms" said Flying Robot Manatee "Are you sure because me and Hiari can fly" said Vapous "That's true, but to get all of you to where I'm about to take you, you must combine your elemental powers when you grab onto my arms, that way there's enough power to reach our destination" said Flying Robot Manatee "Are you sure because I can fly" said Vapous as anything else he was about to say was interrupted by Flying Robot Manatee flying as all 5 Toa grabbed onto Flying Robot Manatee's arms and he flew them all up into the sky in a straight line "Hey, does anyone know where we're going?" asked Vapous looking worried "Just trust Flying Robot Manatee because he clearly knows what he's doing" said Hiari as all 5 Toa were flying high up into the sky and heading towards a strange looking planet that was near the planet island of Manateeland. "Can you tell us where we're going?" asked Dinis "We're almost there, I'll tell you once we get there!" yelled Flying Robot Manatee in a happy tone as a smile began to appear on his face "We trust Flying Robot Manatee if we want to fulfill the rest of our destiny" said Uhuru "All right all of you hold on as hard as possible to my arms because this is going to be a really wild landing" said Flying Robot Manatee. Flying Robot Manatee began flying back and forth and up and down, it made many of the Toa dizzy, but eventually Flying Robot Manatee and the Toa landed on the planet Flying Robot Manatee was flying them to, it appeared very unusual to the Toa as they were about to find out secrets that they never thought would be true.