Sunday, March 22, 2015

Part 29

The Toa and Flying Robot Manatee landed on an island planet that's similar to Manateeland, but wasn't populated by animal like creatures and villagers, but instead was populated by brightly coloured robots. The Toa were stunned at the island's appearance as it was shaped like the letter C. "What is this place?" asked Takatahi looking confused "This is my home planet called Kanakeitto" said Flying Robot Manatee "Wait weren't you created to from the island of Manateeland?" asked Dinis "No, of course not, that's just a lie I said to the villagers so they wouldn't question my authority" said Flying Robot Manatee as he and the Toa were walking around Kanakeitto. The Toa had landed at the center of the planet that was mostly coloured cyan, fuchsia and a lot of white that had felt like fog mixed with water as the Toa and Flying Robot Manatee were walking "So where are we going?" asked Hiari wondering why Flying Robot Manatee was just walking around where they landed "Once I tell you what I need to tell you, then you'll all have to do a favour for me" said Flying Robot Manatee "What type of favour?" asked Hiari "You'll see, but now I'll start telling you all about your destiny" said Flying Robot Manatee as he stopped walking as started hovering around a very foggy area of where they landed. The Toa all stood about 15 feet away from Flying Robot Manatee as he was about to tell his tale to the Toa. Flying Robot Manatee used the telescopic lens in his gold Kanohi mask of manatees to observe the mist to make sure he could see the Toa and started his tale "Long ago, in a time before time, I was built by the robot villagers of Kanakeittto to look over the nearby island planet of Manateeland. Kanakeitto's unlimited amount of elemental energy was used to craft the pieces that made me. The pieces were from the elements of fire, light, stone, earth and water. That's why when I created the cacoons that you'd eventually come out of, you'd each have a specific elemental power" Flying Robot Manatee was interrupted by Takatahi that asked "So, does that mean we have your DNA?" "Well, kind of I guess" responded Flying Robot Manatee looking a little bit surprised he'd be interrupted so early when telling his tale. Then Flying Robot Manatee continued telling his tale to the Toa "I created the species and villagers that live on Manateeland and I divided the island into 5 regions or villages and gave each one an element, that elemental power would be used the most by you the Toa. Unlike my home island planet of Kanakeitto that has unlimited elemental resources, Manateeland's elemental powers would eventually dry up if not looked over by someone and so I became a god that looked over the island providing my powers to the villages to make sure the island never collapsed. I made sure that nothing grew on the island that was evil, but unfortunately, my god like powers were limited when I was built in order to make I'd never take over Kanakeitto, the robot villagers of my home island planet made sure I had to eat a bucket of chicken each day in order to maintain my god like powers that were in my Kanohi mask of manatees and that caused the creation of a being that created my buckets of chicken that I ate each day, that being's name was Pateri" Flying Robot Manatee briefly stopped telling his tale as he saw the shocked vibe he sensed coming from the Toa as he said that "Is something wrong?" asked Flying Robot Manatee "Yes, there is, so you're telling us that thing that's destroying Manateeland was created just so you wouldn't take over your home planet?" asked Dinis as he changed from being surprised to angry at Flying Robot Manatee "Well...Yes I made him, OK I didn't actually make him, the robot villagers of my home island planet made him to make sure my god like powers wouldn't last if I ever used to them to take over other island planets" said Flying Robot Manatee as he was getting worried Dinis might attack him. Soon afterwards Takatahi and Vapous got angry at Flying Robot Manatee and they began running up to him preparing to attack him. Flying Robot Manatee looked worried and said "Hey guys, can you just let me finish my story before you start getting angry at me" "No, you caused the destruction of our villages and you caused the creation of that evil being Pateri, if anything we should destroy you for destroying our villages" said Takatahi and he was about to slice Flying Robot Manatee with his razor stone claws "So maybe if we kill you, we'll finally get rid of Pateri since he was created because of you" said Vapous as he was about to jump on top of Flying Robot Manatee as he was getting closer and closer to him. Flying Robot Manatee appeared to not be moving towards or away from Takatahi and Vapous, but instead appeared to be standing his ground. Vapous leaped to where Flying Robot Manatee was and he slashed his water blades at Flying Robot Manatee, but to his surprise, it didn't hurt him or even come near where he was because he had a force field surround him "That useless Flying Robot Manatee has a force field around him" said Vapous as he had an angry tone in his voice. Shortly afterwards Takatahi walked back to where the other Toa standing, while Vapous stood where he was waiting to see if Flying Robot Manatee would attack back or hide behind his force field "Are you going to fight me or are you going to keep telling us how you caused our island's demise" said Vapous as he looked like he was twitching and he was standing near Flying Robot Manatee. Then Flying Robot Manatee spoke while in his force field and said "I'd expect Dinis to get that angry at me, but maybe not you Vapous after all, you usually don't take this kind of stuff seriously" Flying Robot Manatee began to chuckle a little bit after he said that and so did the rest of the Toa, while Vapous was still angry "Hey! I should have done what Whakato said and killed you when I had the chance" threatened Vapous as he felt insulted at what Flying Robot Manatee had just said. The other walked up to where Vapous was and Dinis said "Hey, all our villages have been destroyed and I don't think killing something that's telling us the truth is the best way to respond" said Dinis "Yeah, but he's not even taking any of this seriously and look at him he's laughing at the destruction of our villages! I mean who does that?!" said Vapous as he was still angry "You do that as well" said Uhuru. The Toa started laughing at what Uhuru had just said, for some reason it caused Vapous' anger to disappear and he joined in with the other Toa and Flying Robot Manatee as they were all laughing. A minute or 2 later Flying Robot Manatee resumed his tale that he was telling the Toa "Pateri made buckets of chicken for me, he used his elemental power of darkness and his Kanohi mask of darkness to create them to make sure that I was eating things that were evil instead of them being used to create monsters and beasts that would be bent on destruction. One day Pateri thought I shouldn't be in change of looking over and protecting Manateeland, so he stopped using his dark elemental powers to create buckets of chicken for me to eat and started using them to create dark and evil creatures such as Whakato, and the insect like creatures that killed and attacked many villagers. Pateri thought if he couldn't rule Manateeland then no one will and that's why he created those insect like creatures that don't know anything, but destruction. As many of you know I fell into the core of the island and I summoned you all from you're cacoons. My lifeless body was in the soil, but to make sure kill it, I had the gold Kanohi mask of manatees create a a chamber for my body to lie in and I made sure that only you 5 could enter my chamber. When Whakato's remains touched my mask, it caused it to be activated and allowed it to be used to only to do one thing and that one thing was to create a chamber for my lifeless body. The chamber also had a button that would retrieve my mask from the core's surface so nothing would, but a Toa could bring me back to life" Flying Robot Manatee briefly stopped telling his tale as Hiari asked "So the only being s you trust are us?" Flying Robot Manatee responded in a calmer tone than he was speaking in and said "Yes, you are Toa. You are my DNA" The Toa looked relieved that nothing could have found Flying Robot Manatee's body, but them. Takatahi suddenly said "That meant we didn't have to rush to find your body" Flying Robot Manatee responded by staring at where Takatahi was standing and said "When you don't know what's going to happen next you have to rush" Takatahi looked worried and said "OK then" Flying Robot Manatee continued his tale "All 5 of you together can defeat Pateri, but you must have every amount of elemental power you can have. That's why I've got a favour for all 5 of you and that favour is to go to the temple that your elemental powers originally were created from and each of you must go through a challenge that'll determine if you're worthy of having the ultimate power of your element. When you've succeeded in finishing your challenges, you'll each receive a Kanoka disk that your elemental powers are originally from, then give me the Kanoka disks and I'll use it to stop Pateri once and for all" Dinis curiously asked "When do we have to go to our temples?" "You can go their to fulfill your challenge whenever you want, but I suggest going there early in the morning tomorrow" The Toa stood and waited if Flying Robot Manatee was about to say anything else, but he didn't. The Toa had a strange feeling that they should begin their quest to their temples to find their Kanoka disks immediately.