Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part 31

Vapous eventually entered his temple, it was coloured orange and had a circle shaped entrance. Vapous leaped into the entrance of his temple and inside was orange coloured rivers and waterfalls that filled up the interior of his temple "Well, I guess I could swim through all of this" said Vapous as he was about to glide through the water falls using his water blades. Before he started to glide through the water inside his temple, a strange looking being swam up right in front of him, the being looked like it's entire body was made of orange water as it appeared to flow through him, it basically looked like a ghost made of orange water "Hey get out of my way" said Vapous as he was slashing his through the orange water ghost, but it didn't do anything to him. Then Vapous ran through him and leaped onto a nearby waterfall, but the water ghost followed him "This is one strange obstacle" said Vapous. suddenly the water ghost suddenly appeared in front of him "Hey how did you do that when you were behind me?" asked Vapous as he was slashing the water ghosts over and over again, but did nothing to get rid of the water ghost. Then Vapous fired a a cylinder a water at the ghost that came out of his hand. Then the water ghost attacked back at Vapous and slashed him with a wave of water that blurred his vision "Hey, I can't see where you're going" said Vapous as he was trying to get the water out of his eyes, but wasn't working. Then Vapous was attacked by the water ghost and was hit by what felt like giant hands made of water that appeared to be almost trying to squish him, fell to the ground to make sure it wouldn't squish him entirely, but it was too late he was trapped in a prison water with his vision blurred and his ability to move very limited. Then he started having his feet around and began creating a small tornado made of water, he continued doing this until he could propel himself out of the ghost's water hands prison. Then Vapous threw a puddle of water at the water ghost, but while doing that he saw the Kanoka disk of water behind the water ghost "I found it" said Vapous. He noticed the more he attacked the water ghost with his elemental powers and less with his weapons, the weaker the ghost became "Hey, water ghost you like water huh, well here's a whole pile of it!" said Vapous as he fired a giant ball of water at the water ghost. The water ghost then disappeared and Vapous then ran up to where the Kanoka disk of water was and grabbed onto it. Suddenly Vapous was teleported back to where Flying Robot Manatee was waiting for the other Toa at Kanakeitto.