Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part 32

Takatahi eventually entered his temple, it was coloured blue and had a very rock almost square shaped look to it. The temple's entrance had an oval shape to it. He entered the temple. His temple inside was filled with boulders and rocks throughout it and felt very familiar to Takatahi. "I wonder if the Kanoka disk of stone is inside one of these rocks" said Takatahi as he began to slice rocks with his razor stone claws to see if any of them had the Kanoka disk of stone in them "I hope I don't slice the Kanoka disk" said Takatahi looking worried. He eventually found a boulder that looked bigger than the ones he had just saw and sliced. He was to slice it to see if his Kanoka disk was inside of it, but before ever had the chance to even touch it slightly with his razor stone claws, it turned around and pushed him. When he stood back up from being pushed down, he saw that the giant boulder wasn't a boulder, but a creature with no arms or legs, but had a very huge face and a tiny slug like tail on it's left side. Takathi began to run up to the stone creature and tried to slice through the boulder like creature, but it had no affect on it. Instead it continued to throw itself at Takathi making harder and harder for him to get back up. Takatahi eventually began throwing nearby rocks at the creature seeing if it would do any damage, but it didn't "Hey how this rock isn't being destroyed by other rocks?" said Takathi as he was trying to figure out what to do next. Takatahi began to slice through the ceiling in order for the rocks to fall, it worked and they fell and collapsed onto the boulder like creature, but he knew it wouldn't keep it trapped for long. He then began to concentrate his elemental power of stone, but while this was happening, the boulder like creature leaped out of the rocks that trapped it. It leaped to where Takatahi was, but before it could even attack him, Takatahi fired an orange beam from the palms of his razor stone claws at it that were made of his elemental power of stone. The boulder like creature then was smashed into thousands of tiny dust like pebbles when Takatahi fired his elemental powers at it. Takatahi accidentally hit his head on a nearby rock that was on the ceiling "Hey that hurt" said Takatahi as it appeared as if he was talking directly to the rock that hit him "I hope you're not an obstacle too" he said. Then he sliced the rock with his razor stone claws and noticed the Kanoka disk of stone fell out of the rock. Takatahi grabbed onto it before it hit the ground and suddenly he was sent back to where Flying Robot Manatee was waiting.