Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part 33

Uhuru eventually entered his temple. The entrance had a dark almost black coloured glow that surrounded it as it almost made the reds and dark reds around appear to be leading into somewhere dark and almost endless.When Uhuru was inside his temple the inside of it was dark and almost nothing could be seen, the entrance he had came from couldn't be found because of the shadows that surrounded the inside of it. Uhuru tried to stay as silent and as focused as possible due to the uncertainty that appeared to be in his path to finding his Kanoka disk of earth. He walked by slowly through the temple, listening carefully to see if there was danger near him or if it was coming his way. Eventually he sensed a slight crumble come from the wall of where he was walking, he looked closely at the wall and began to walk slower and slower and he placed his hand on the rock like texture of the wall, but while he was trying detect what was there, a giant red rock like creature jumped out of the ground where Uhuru was standing and knocked Uhuru out and a few feet near where the creature was standing as it waited to see if Uhuru would attack back. The red creature moved it's right hand towards where Uhuru was lying as it's fingers were made of small rocks and pebbles that didn't attach onto each other, but instead were attached on by gravity rotating them somehow. Uhuru began to move his right arm and it appeared as if he was going to fire his drill at it, when he did that the creature moved a few feet back. Then Uhuru put his drill arm down. The red creature resumed walking closer and closer to Uhuru to attack him. When Uhuru felt the vibration from the creature coming close to him when it was almost inches near him, he leaped and fired his drill at the creature as it his elemental powers of earth at it. He knew it wouldn't completely destroy the creature so he started to run inside the temple in order to make sure the creature couldn't catch up to him. Uhuru couldn't see anything that was in front of him due to the darkness of his temple, but he could sense something that would be of great importance that was nearby. Uhuru could feel the elemental powers that were nearby and he began to drill through the walls nearby him to cause a vibration that would make it very difficult for the red creature to ever find him. He felt his temple was about to collapse and he began to drill a hole to escape "If I can't see the Kanoka disk, I'll drill my way out of here to find it" said Uhuru as he leaped out of his temple as he saw crumble right in front of him. Then he saw the Kanoka disk of earth on the top of the crumbled pile of rocks that was once a temple. He picked it up with his claw hand and was suddenly teleported to where Flying Robot Manatee was waiting.