Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part 34

Hiari eventually entered his temple. It was coloured purple and had a very asymmetrical shape as it appeared to have an aura surrounding the entrance. Hiari tried to enter his temple, but the aura around the entrance was a force field "Hey this is my entrance so let me in" said Hiari as he fired bolts of lightning from lightning saws at the entrance. The force field was then destroyed and Hiari entered the temple. Hiari appeared surprised to see that the inside of his temple was purple, had a very bright glow inside of it that was caused by thousands of rows of lightning bolts filled the inside of it that made it hard to figure how to find or even see his Kanoka disk due to the brightness and the constant strikes of lightning that was inside of it. "Looks like my weapons might be useless here" said Hiari as he dropped his lightning saws to the ground. The bolts of lightning then all moved towards where Hiari was as they began to strike at where his lightning saws had dropped. Then the bolts of lightning grabbed onto Hiari's lightning saws and began to move them farther and farther away from where Hiari was Hiari "Hey, what use are my weapons to you lightning bolts?" asked Hiari as he leaped near the ceiling by firing bolts of lightning below him. He began to follow the bolts of lightning as they held onto his lightning saws. Hiari appeared to get angrier and angrier as he came closer to the bolts of lightning. He fired a ball of light at the bolts of lightning, suddenly his weapons fell back onto the ground. Hiari picked them up, but they zapped him when he grabbed them. He appeared to get frustrated at his weapons zapping him and he then yelled "Why are my weapons zapping me!" seconds later his weapons flew away from him and turned into purple bolts of lightning that attached onto a strange purple figure. Hiari appeared stunned and surprised at what he was seeing "Who or what are you?!" asked Hiari. The purple figure appeared as it and Hiari ran up to each other. The purple figure said "I am the creature of your element of light, my weapons destroyed yours and you are nothing, nothing but a Toa of my element" The creature was very big and wide and it's arms were lightning bolts as it's hands had claws that were lightning bolts and he bolts of lightning flowing throughout it's body. Hiari fired bolts of lightning at the creature, it barely did anything to the creature "Face it, you are nothing without your Toa tools, they're the things you're elemental powers are concentrated in the most" said the creature as it was fighting with Hiari as they were both throwing bolts of lightning at each other "No, that's not true because my elemental powers are what makes weapons have they're awesome powers!" said Hiari as he could feel bolts of lightning flow through him. Hiari's attacks began to slow down as he was trying to save as much as his energy for a much bigger attack "You think slowing down will allow you to sense my movements and attacks, that's something that won't work on me" said the creature and it struck Hiari with bigger and bigger bolts of lightning. Hiari eventually stopped attacking the creature and started having a yellow glow surround him. Hiari began to attack at the creature and said "No, you're wrong because I'm the Toa of light and lightning won't hurt me!" Hiari fired a ball of light that blinded the creature as it began to evaporate the creature's bolts of lightning until nothing could be found of the creature. Hiari then saw the Kanoka disk as it was inside of the creature the entire time "Wow, I should have just punched his stomach if he was hiding it in him this whole time" said Hiari as he grabbed onto the Kanoka disk of light as it teleported him back to where Flying Robot Manatee was waiting.