Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part 35

Dinis eventually entered his temple. It was coloured green and had flames surrounding the circle shaped entrance. When Dinis entered his temple, he noticed that the inside was nothing but green flames that surrounded the floor. Dinis didn't feel worried because he knew he could withstand his own element "This almost feels like grass I'm walking in" said Dinis as he walked through the flames that filled the ground. Dinis eventually saw the Kanoka disk of fire and grabbed onto it, but it evaporated into flames and smoke once he had grabbed it "This isn't a the Kanoka disk, this is an illusion! I hate illusions!" said Dinis as he suddenly felt angry. Then a green coloured creature appeared where Dinis found the fake Kanoka disk and said "That's not an illusion...that's what I'll do to you" said the creature as it appeared to have green coloured flames cover it's body with slightly red flames at the tips of it's sides as it appeared to be floating on it's flames and it's arms and hands were made of lava and had giant glowing red eyes. The creature then tied to punched Dinis, but he leaped away before the creature could "You've to try harder if you want to attack Dinis the Toa fire" said Dinis as he felt confident. The creature continued firing flames and punching Dinis, but he continued to dodge it's attacks "Hey, if that Kanoka disk was an illusion, maybe you are too" said Dinis. He then fired balls of fire from his fire blasters, but they didn't do anything to the creature "Looks like we're at a stalemate" said the creature as it appeared to be planning something clever "What stalemate, I'm here to get my Kanoka disk of fire to save Manateeland" said Dinis "Oh really, but if Flying Robot Manatee is alive and is still able to have God like powers, what purpose do you have if it's already been fulfilled?" asked the creature as it made Dinis briefly stopped firing balls of fire at the it. Then the creature quickly ran to Dinis and grabbed him with his lava hands "hey lava and fire won't hurt me" said Dinis "No, but I'll crumble into lava" said the creature as it began to hold onto Dinis tighter and tighter. Then Dinis tried to move, but it wasn't working. Dinis then concentrated his elemental powers as he was being held onto tighter and tighter by the creature. Dinis then fired balls of fire at very quick speeds out of his fire blasters as they hit the ground. The creature's arm felt the vibration from Dinis' blasts of fire balls and began shaking Dinis, he did this until Dinis flew out of his grip and hit the ceiling. Dinis then fell to the ground as his Kanohi mask of fire appeared to be cracked in half. The creature then grabbed the real Kanoka disk of fire and fired at Dinis expecting to destroy the Toa with the thing he was searching for "Without you're Kanohi mask you're nothing, nothing but a Toa that can resist the power of fire" said the creature as it fired the Kanoka disk at Dinis. The Kanoka disk as it was about to strike down Dinis, he grabbed onto it with his right hand, but it struck his arm because it was moving at such as quick speed that it sliced off Dinis' arm. Dinis then felt paralyzed as he was trying to deal with the pain. Dinis' right hand was still holding onto the Kanoka disk, but very slightly by 1 or 2 of his fingers. Dinis then tried to get back up and as he did his right arm began to throw the Kanoka disk at him and he then held onto it with his left hand as he was about to fire it back at the creature, but he was suddenly teleported back to where Flying Robot Manatee was waiting.