Sunday, April 5, 2015

Part 36

The Toa were all teleported back to where Flying Robot Manatee was last waiting for them which was the center of the island planet of Kanakeitto which was misty and was coloured white, cyan and fuchsia. Each Toa had their Kanoka disk in their hands "So it looks like you've all found your Kanoka disks" said Flying Robot Manatee. The Toa all looked towards where Dinis was standing as they saw his arm was gone and his Kanohi mask was nowhere to be seen "Hey Dinis what happend to you?" asked Vapous "Kind of difficult to get Kanoka disk..." gasped Dinis "Was that suppose to happen?" asked Takatahi "The important thing is that you all found your Kanoka disk and besides the trials you faced in your temples were only illusions anyways" said Flying Robot Manatee "An illusion made my arm get cut off and my Kanohi mask get destroyed" said Dinis "So are you saying Dinis is going to die just because we did a favour for you?" asked Hiari sounding skeptical of Flying Robot Manatee "Don't worry he's not going to die. Now I'll show you why I needed you all to find the Kanoka disks" said Flying Robot Manatee The Toa slowly handed the Kanoka disks to Flying Robot Manatee "Come on, come on pick up the pace. Nothing's going to happen if you're not being slow in handing me those Kanoka disks" said Flying Robot Manatee as he rushed up towards the Toa to receive their Kanoka disks "What are you going to do with them?" asked Takatahi "You'll see...right now!" said Flying Robot Manatee as he swallowing the Kanoka disks all at once. The Toa looked confused and worried at what they were seeing. "Are those Kanoka disks secretly buckets of chicken?" asked Vapous "I don't think so, but whatever happens will be very important" said Uhuru. When the Kanoka disks landed in Flying Robot Manatee's stomach it caused it to glow a rainbow of colours then he exploded right in front of the Toa as dust and fog began to blind their vision "Takatahi use the telescopic lens in your Kanohi mask" said Uhuru "I can't see anything through this Protodermis" said Takatahi "Wait! This is Protodermis!" yelled Vapous as he was worried due to Protodermis being known to have very risky affects on those who are exposed to it. "Maybe my Kanohi mask of light can help us destroy or see through this foggy Protodermis" said Hiari "No don't, it's not here to harm us if we are Toa" said Uhuru "What makes you say that?" asked Vapous "Because the Kanoka disks might have done this for a reason" said Uhuru "Yeah, I'm starting to wonder a lot of things about Flying Robot Manatee" said Vapous "I agree with you about that Vapous" said Hiari "hey does anyone know where Dinis is?" asked Takatahi "I can't sense his presence anywhere near us" said Uhuru as his elemental powers from his Kanohi mask appeared to not be working. The Toa started to feel tired "Hey does anyone else feel tired?" asked Takatahi as he felt like he was about to collapse onto the ground. The Toa all felt like they were about to fall to the ground, the moment they all ell to the ground the Protodermis like fog and mist disappeared and the Toa awoke. They were all wondering what had just happened to them. "Hey, what just happened?" asked Dinis "Why couldn't we hear you when we were in the Protodermis fog?" asked Hiari "I was taking a nap because I felt exhausted because I had my arm cut off" said Dinis as he started to sound angrier with each word was said "What happened to us?" asked Takatahi as he and the other Toa looked stunned at what had just happened to them. The Toa awoke and noticed that they had each received upgraded Kanohi masks, weapons and armour. Dinis put his right hand to his face as he felt his Kanohi mask of fire on his face, it felt the same, but also different from before "Hey I've got my arm back, but it looks different" said Dinis as he noticed his armour was now accented with the colour green that contrasted a lot with his red coloured armour, he also noticed he now had only 1 fire blaster as his right arm weapon was now a sword that was attached onto the side of his wrist "Now that's a real claw" said Takatahi as he pointed at Uhuru's new claw which was a lot more bigger and appeared to be much more useful for battle. Vapous began running around with excitement as he felt happier with the upgrades that had happened to him "I feel like nothing can defeat me" said Vapous as his upgraded water blades accidentally splashed water at Hiari "Hey Vapous you're going to feel shocked" said Hiari as he fired small bolts of lightning at Vapous with his new light saw shields that were now attached onto his wrists "Hey is that all you've got?" asked Vapous as he ran through the bolts of lightning "You're just lucky I didn't strike lightning on you harder" said Hiari. Takatahi grabbed onto Vapous and lifted him with his right arm with his stone hooked claws "Hey let go of me" said Vapous "OK, watch out though" said Takatahi as he let Vapous go. Dinis walked towards the Toa as they all stood together "From this day we are one team of Toa and that means from this day starting now we are the Toa Manatee" said Dinis. Then suddenly the Toa all felt the ground shaking, what would happen next would put their new powers to their potential.