Saturday, April 11, 2015

Part 37

The Toa had just been given more powerful Kanohi masks, weapons and armour, but that would be used to put them to their true potential as the ground began shaking "Hey! What's going on?" asked Vapous as he and the others felt the vibration "It appears to be some sort of earthquake" said Uhuru "What ever is happening right now, let's just hope it's part of fulfilling our destiny" said Dinis. Suddenly Takatahi shouted and pointed towards the island planet of Manateeland and shouted "Look at what's happening!" Takatahi and the other Toa looked as they noticed Kanakeitto began moving closer and closer to Manateeland. The Toa didn't know what to do. "We're all going to die! Quick Somebody do something!" yelled Vapous as he began running around in circles "Hey! Stop running around before I make you stop" said Dinis "How are you going to do that?" asked Hiari with little interest in his voice "I'll show you" said Dinis as he ran up to Vapous and kicked him in the crotch. Vapous then fell to the ground "Ouch why would you do that?!" asked Vapous "At least now you're worried about Kanakeitto getting closer towards Manateeland" said Dinis. Vapous stood back up from being kicked in the crotch a few minutes later as the Toa did nothing as they all just stared at Manateeland as it Kanakeiito moved closer and closer. The Toa didn't know what was going to happen next "What are we going to do?" asked Hiari "We must wait and see what happens" said Uhuru "What makes you so certain that everything's going to be alright?" asked Hiari "It's part of Flying Robot Manatee's plan" said Uhuru "What plan?" asked Hiari "Yeah how is destroying a planet meant to fulfill our destiny" asked Vapous "Wait and see " said Takatahi as he yelled "Hey look at Manateeland now!" The Toa all saw with amazement in their eyes as they saw Kanakeitto crash into Manateeland "What are they doing?" asked Takatahi as he pointed at the robot villagers exploding as the Kanakeitto began to crash into Manateeland. "Why are they exploding?" asked Takatahi "I don't know, but I think it's for a that's what I think" said Uhuru. Then a flash of white light blinded the Toa and when the flash of white light disappeared, the Toa noticed Manateeland returned back to the way it looked before Pateri destroyed it, each village was flowing the glow of their elemental power. The robot villagers appeared to have all died when the planets crashed, while the Toa landed in the core of Manateeland "It feels like nothing ever happened to Manateeland" said Takatahi "You've got that right" said Dinis. The Toa looked around them as they saw life return back to Manateeland. The island planet of Kanakeitto was no where to be seen. Takatahi felt confused at what had just happened "Hey what just happen and is Pateri gone?" asked Takatahi "Maybe he's gone, but we better keep an eye all over the island just to make sure" said Hiari feeling skeptical "If Manateeland's restored then that must mean everything's all right and Pateri is gone" said Vapous "Vapous does make a good point" said Dinis "Uhuru what do you think?" asked Takatahi "I'm not sure if Manateeland is actually safe or if this is all just an illusion" said Uhuru "How can this be an illusion?" asked Hiari "Well...How do you explain that white flash of light that appeared when planets crashed into each other?" responded Uhuru "Uh...Well...Wasn't the flash of white light on illusion?" asked Hiari "Maybe, but we must all stay on guard just to safe on it" said Uhuru "Agreed" said Hiari as the other Toa could feel a vibe of consensus around each other. The for a few hours stood around the core of the island as they waited to see if Pateri would appear, but he didn't "Hey can we go back to our villages now?" asked Vapous "Soon, but we can't be too confident in determining if the island's actually safe or not" said Dinis "I think I'm starting to feel exhausted from just waiting here" said Takatahi "I can't sense anything coming near us, I guess we could return back to our villages" said Uhuru "All right then so do we all agree that Manateeland's safe?" asked Dinis. The Toa all nodded in agreement at what Dinis had just said "Well OK then. Goodbye" said Dinis as was about to walk back to his village. The other Toa were about to do the same, but then as they all left the part of the island where all 5 villages meet, a dark purple coloured shadow began to grow on the entrance of the core, the Toa didn't notice until they heard a sinister sounding voice say "Looks like I can now takeover Manateeland and destroy you once and for all" The Toa heard the voice and ran as fast as possible to the core's entrance as they saw Pateri appeared out from the dark purple shadow.