Saturday, April 18, 2015

Part 38

The Toa briefly stared with shock as they saw Pateri appeared out of Manateeland's core "How did you ever survive Kanakeitto crashing into Manateeland?" asked Hiari "Very simple, I hid inside the island's core which I have total control over as long as I live" said Pateri "No matter why you survived, you're going down" said Dinis as he aimed his wrist sword towards where Pateri was hovering around. Takatahi ran up towards Pateri and began creating a tidal wave of pebbles towards Pateri using his stone hooked claws, but it did nothing as he began to spin along with the tidal wave that should have hit him. Pateri then turned into a dark purple tornado and smashed into Takatahi. Takatahi fell to the ground "How did he do that?" asked Takatahi. Pateri then turned back into his normal form as he floated around the part of the village of stone where all 5 villages meet into each other. Pateri paused his attack as he spoke "You may each have an elemental power given to you by your Kanohi masks that were created by Flying Robot Manatee, but my Kanohi mask can create things beyond your imaginations and worse than any nightmare you'll have when battling me" Vapous fired a beam of water into the sky. Vapous then climbed up the beam of water and landed towards the ground when the beam of water fired down to the ground "Let's see if I can wash you away" said Vapous as his upgraded water blades sliced through the water and as he landed towards where Pateri was standing. Vapous landed in the village of stone as he narrowly missed hitting Pateri "No matter how much you have of it, water is weakness" said Pateri. Vapous then began hitting Pateri with his blades, but none his hits even affected Pateri. Then Pateri hid behind Takatahi. Takatahi began to get back up from lying on the ground and as he did Vapous accidentally hit him with his water blades "Now I'm in even more pain!" yelled Takatahi as was hit by Vapous' water blades "I'm sorry, but Pateri was behind you" said Vapous. Takatahi looked behind him to see if Pateri's shadow still appeared, but it didn't instead it started to fly towards where Hiari was standing. When Hiari saw Pateri start come close to him he stabbed his lightning saw shields into the ground "Stay still, this is risky, but it could work" said Hiari as he fired bolts of lightning around where they were all standing that came from the ground. The Toa all felt slightly twitchy after feeling lightning vibrate from the ground and this affected Uhuru the most "Is it just me, but why do I only see lightning bolts?" said Uhuru "It's just you" said Dinis feeling slightly angry "Hey I see where Pateri is headed now" said Hiari as he ran towards where Dinis was standing "Where ever you are Pateri, I'm ready for whatever tricks you've got" said Dinis as he began firing balls of fire from his fire blaster into the sky. Pateri appeared in front of Dinis. Dinis leaped back slightly and fired a ball of fire at him, but as he did that Hiari ran up to him. Hiari bumped into Dinis as he continued firing balls of fire which accidentally hit into Hiari "How did Pateri miss my attacks?!" yelled Dinis as he began to get back up from the ground "Our teamwork isn't working at all" said Hiari "Uh, I don't think we're really together that right now" said Takatahi "What do you mean?" asked Hiari "Well, we each attacked him separately, maybe if he attack him all at the exact same time it'll work" said Takatahi "How can we work together when it looks like Uhuru's got brain damage or something?" said Vapous "He doesn't have brain damaged, he's just seeing an illusion. Come on we have run towards where Uhuru is" said Hiari as they all ran towards where Uhuru was standing. Pateri was nowhere to be seen. The Toa were all standing where Uhuru was. "Let's see if I can wah away his illusions" said Vapous as he fired a small wave of water at Uhuru, but it didn't work "This doesn't mean water is weak" said Vapous "Maybe this could work" said Takatahi as he lifted Uhuru with has stone hooked claws and began shaking him into the air, but it didn't work "I thought that would work" said Takatahi "Let me try something" said Dinis as he kicked Uhuru in the crotch "Why would you do that?" asked Hiari "Hey! It worked on Vapous when he wasn't doing well" said Dinis "Hey I didn't ask you to do that" said Vapous "If my lightning caused his problems, then maybe my lightning can solve his problems" said Hiari as he began putting his lightning saw shields closer and closer towards Uhuru. When He so close to Uhuru that he almost touched his armour he leaped away "Uhuru you're back" said Hiari "Yes...Yes I am" said Uhuru sounding exhausted and worried "I'm sure things are going to fine now" said Vapous feeling suspiciously confident "We don't know where Pateri is hiding, so must stay on guard here no matter what" said Hiari "It's strange how he can make a tracking device on us, but we don't know how to make a tracking device on him" said Dinis "Well...actually..." said Uhuru "Come on speak up already we don't have time you to speak slowly like you usually do" said Dinis feeling enraged "Well actually, Pateri is right here" said Uhuru as his voice began to sound like Pateri "Why's Uhuru sounding like Pateri?" Asked Takatahi "It's because he's being controlled by Uhuru" said Dinis "No, that's not exactly what happened because Pateri put his spirit into Uhuru" argued Hiari "We don't have time for this we must battle our fellow Toa Uhuru" said Dinis "Fine, but I'm right about what I just said" said Hiari "Very well then, let our battle begin" said Pateri as he was controlling Uhuru's body.