Saturday, April 25, 2015

Part 39

Uhuru's body was now controlled by Pateri and as the other Toa began to attack him, their attacks didn't come near him. Takatahi ran up to Uhuru and began spinning into a tornado "Hey Pateri. Let's see if my elemental power of stone will make you spin out of Uhuru!" said Takatahi. Uhuru/Pateri leaped away from where Takatahi was heading as Takatahi began to feel dizzy and fell to the ground "This isn't working. This is just making me dizzy" said Takatahi. Hiari fired spikes of electricity from his lightning saw shields as they surrounded where Uhuru was and towards everywhere he had leaped/was standing. "Hey why aren't you attacking him?" asked Dinis "Wait and see because all part of my plan" said Hiari. Takatahi got up from lying on the ground due to being dizzy and said to Hiari "How is not attacking him a plan to defeat him?" Hiari responded sounded like he was in hurry and said "Like I said to Dinis and I'll say this to you, wait and see" Takatahi looked confused and worried at what Hiari was saying "Can you at least write down your plan so I know what it is?" asked Takatahi "No..." said Hiari as he was being interrupted by Dinis "We don't have to write things down!" shouted Dinis as he fired a ball of fire from his fire blaster towards where Uhuru was leaping towards "Your attacks have no affect on me Toa" said Uhuru/Pateri "Hey. Let's see if I brain wash you into submission" said Vapous as he fired water in the shape of springs at Uhuru/Pateri. None of the water springs hit Uhuru/Pateri and then Uhuru/Pateri jumped onto the ground. When he landed a giant rock pillar flew out of the ground where Vapous was standing. It flung him towards where the other Toa where, which made them all fall to the ground "I feel a lot of pain" said Takatahi "At least we didn't get hit in the crotch" said Vapous trying to make the best out of the trouble filled situation. When Uhuru/Pateri landed to the ground, Pateri's spirit flew out of Uhuru's body. Uhuru landed on his head. "Quick! Uhuru needs our help!" yelled Dinis and he and the other Toa ran to where Uhuru was lying. Uhuru's head felt like something was vibrating every time he thought or heard a sound. "Uhuru, are you OK?" asked Dinis "Yes, but my head feels all shaky" said Uhuru as tried not to pause each time he said a word "Uhuru come on, we got to defeat Pateri" said Vapous "No, we can't defeat Pateri because our destiny is meant to just find Flying Robot Manatee and that's it" said Uhuru "Time for me to do the rest of my plan" said Hiari appearing to not have any notice at what had just happened to Uhuru "Fine Hiari do your plan if you really think it'll defeat Pateri" said Dinis "OK then this is going to help us defeat Pateri" said Hiari. Then Hiari lifted his hands up into the air and suddenly the spikes he planted where Uhuru/Pateri leaped flew out of the ground. The spikes fired at the sun. Hiari then stared into the sun and made the sky darker into a dark gold colour. The spikes flew out of the sun looking like giant stars glowing so bright that it illuminated the sky. The spikes all fired at Uhuru as he felt his mind and body feel better from Pateri possessing him. Hiari then stared into the sun and returned the sun to the amount of brightness it was before. The other Toa looked shocked and especially Dinis who didn't realize until now why Hiari wasn't fighting Uhuru/Pateri "You see I told you my plan would work" said Hiari "So your wasn't to defeat Pateri, but to heal Uhuru?" asked Takatahi as he scratching his head with his stone hooked claws "Yes, that was my plan the entire time" said Hiari with a confident tone in his voice "Wow, maybe we burn Pateri if you make the sun super bright" said Vapous appearing to be joking "I doubt that" said Hiari. The Toa stood together side by side as they saw Pateri flying towards them, they knew that this time they'd stand together and not let Pateri divide them when battling him. Pateri began to fly closer and closer to the Toa, but they just stood there waiting until he attacked...