Saturday, May 2, 2015

Part 40

The Toa all stood together as they wondered what they should do "How should we attack or defeat Pateri?" asked Takatahi "It's quite simple, we'll do a nova blast" said Dinis "What are you crazy, that'll kill us all" said Hiari "If one of us does a nova blast, we'll all die, but if we all do a nova blast at the same time, it'll create protodermis" said Dinis "Well, I guess we should do the fire-spitter's plan" said Vapous. Dinis was about to kick Vapous in the crotch, but then realized that there was no time to attack him for insulting him "So do we all agree to doing a nova blast?" asked Dinis. The Toa all nodded in agreement after a few seconds, but the silence was broken when Uhuru said "A nova blast will Pateri, but it also won't kill Pateri" said Uhuru "Why do you say that?" asked Hiari "When Pateri was inside my body, it gave me information about his plans and strategies." said Uhuru "All right then, now we must attack!" yelled Dinis. Pateri was only feet away from the Toa and suddenly each Toa began to glow the colour of their element as they focused and concentrated their elemental powers into a nova blast "That's not possible! You're going to kill everything I was suppose to destroy!" yelled Pateri in fear. Then each Toa fired a giant blast of energy at Pateri and caused a giant flash of light to cover the Toa's vision. They heard Pateri's voice beginning to fade away. The last they heard from Pateri's voice was him saying "I have no idea how you figured how to do a nova blast!". When the flash of light was gone, the Toa all saw Pateri's body gone "Is Pateri really gone?" asked Hiari "I sense his presence has disappeared..." said Uhuru as he was interrupted by Takatahi "Hey guys look at this awesome thing!" The Toa all looked at what Takatahi was looking at as they saw buckets of chicken growing out of the ground "That's the most awesome thing I've ever seen!" yelled Vapous with joy and excitement coming from his voice "This is worth saving Manateeland" said Vapous as he grabbed a bucket of chicken out of the ground and began eating it "You've got that right" said Dinis as he also started grabbing buckets of chicken out of the ground and began eating them "This tastes more awesome than I ever thought" said Takatahi as he began shoveling buckets of chicken into his mouth. Hiari wondered why there were buckets of chicken growing out of the ground "Can somebody explain to me why there's buckets of chicken growing out of the ground?" asked Hiari. Uhuru quickly answered his question "The buckets of chicken are growing out of the ground because Pateri's spirit is spread out throughout the island and our nova blast spread his spirit all over the place and with not knowing what else to do, it caused his dark elemental powers to create buckets of chicken as a way of having some sort of purpose still which creates balance" said Uhuru. Hiari and the other Toa looked confused at what he just said, but they accepted it "It's the most reasonable thing I've heard recently" said Dinis "I guess I agree with that" said Hiari. The Toa all grabbed a bucket of chicken out of the ground and began eating it as they all looked over the island of Manateeland while the sun was setting. They realized their destinies had been fulfilled at least for now.