Friday, May 8, 2015

Part 41

About one year had passed since the Toa had defeated Pateri. Each of the Toa had become the village chief for each of their villages and have become local heroes all across Manateeland. The Toa now looked over Manateeland which was a job that Flying Robot Manatee use to do until he forgot to eat a bucket of chicken. Later on the Toa all decided to gather at the entrance of the core of Manateeland and discuss how things were doing. All the Toa had arrived, but Takatahi was unusually late by about half an hour "What's taking him so long?!" said Dinis as he was about to leave and return to his village "We must wait because I'm sure he's got some reason to be late" said Uhuru "Yeah, he does have an excuse, but I doubt he even knows we're suppose to meet" said Vapous as he sounded calmer than you'd expect "Damn it! It's taking too damn long! I'm leaving and I don't care what happens next!" said Dinis as he was about to run back to his village, but before he did, Takatahi skipped towards the entrance of the core appearing to be slightly exhausted "Hey what took you so long?" asked Dinis with frustration coming from his voice "Sorry about that, but I forgot we were suppose to meet today?" asked Takatahi "Oh how could you forget an event this iconic?" asked Vapous as he began lying on the ground because he felt bored from waiting for Takatahi to come "I forgot because I didn't write it down on a rock" said Takatahi "Wow, you really seem obsessed about writing things on rocks" said Vapous as he voice sounded tired "Well, it's only concrete way to remember things" said Takatahi. Vapous yawned and began to sleep, but then Dinis quietly skipped to where Vapous was lying and smashed his foot on his crotch "Hey! What's wrong with you now Dinis?" yelled Vapous in pain "It's your fault for being too damn calm and tired" said Dinis "Why did you feel tired Vapous?" asked Hiari ending his brief silence throughout the past while "It took Takatahi a while to get here what else was I suppose to do?" asked Vapous "I don't know maybe walk around in circles for a while like most of us do" said Dinis "Oh please you're the only one that does that in huge amounts" said Vapous. Dinis was about to hit Vapous in the crotch again, but decided that he didn't feel angry enough yet to do that to him again "So, are we certain that Pateri is really dead?" asked Hiari "Of course we are" said Dinis "Well how can you be sure certain?" asked Hiari "I'm pretty damn sure about that because we fired a nova blast at him and that killed his spirit" said Dinis "That's true, but shouldn't we find out more information about that island planet Flying Robot Manatee came from called Kanakeitto?" asked Hiari "Perhaps we should, but we must be careful in doing so" said Uhuru "Hey Pateri's dead, Manateeland is safe that's all we need to know" said Dinis "But, we must find out the answers to our greater purpose" said Hiari "We've reached our true potential now or are you too damn skeptical to realize that?" asked Dinis. Hiari suddenly had a slight amount of anger coming from his voice "What makes you think that you somehow know what's best for the rest of the team?" asked Hiari "I'm the leader, of course I know what's best for the rest of the team" said Dinis "You're only good at being a fire-spitter" said Vapous in a happy tone. Dinis ran up to Vapous as he was about to kick him in the crotch, but before he could Takatahi blocked him from doing so "Why are you always kicking Vapous in the crotch?" asked Takatahi "I do that because he annoys the crap out of me" said Vapous "That's true, but it's just strange seeing you hit him in the crotch" said Takatahi "Now get out of my way" said Dinis. Then Takatahi grabbed Dinis using his stone hooked claws and lifted him into the air, he then held onto Dinis using only one of his stone hooked claws and used the other to punch Dinis in the crotch "Now I'll punch the crap out of your crotch" said Takatahi. He then let go of Dinis when he felt too warm in his hand "I'll set your arm on fire if you do that again" said Dinis "Wow that really burned" said Takatahi. The Toa were all about to leave and head back to their villages, but then Hiari said "I'm leaving this spot until we bring Flying Robot Manatee back to life" said Hiari "That's going to be a super long time" said Dinis "wait how long would that be?" asked Takatahi "Hey, I've got no idea now come on let's leave Hiari in his strange skeptical crap" said Dinis. Takatahi then grabbed a bucket of chicken out of the ground and walked towards where Hiari was standing as he stood still, he then walked up towards where Hiari was standing until he just inches away from him. He then asked Hiari "Want to eat this bucket of chicken?" Hiari appeared somewhat stunned that one of the Toa would offer him something to eat despite how much they disagreed with him "Uh sure why not?" said Hiari in slightly happier tone as he grabbed the bucket of chicken from Taktahi as they both sat on the ground enjoying buckets of chicken that were growing around them. They were eating buckets of chicken for about an hour until Hiari broke the silence "So do you agree that Flying Robot manatee should be brought back to life?" asked Hiari "Maybe, I guess" said Takatahi "I hope Flying Robot Manatee is brought back to life eventually" said Hiari "I guess that would be a cool idea" said Takatahi as he felt relax from eating so many awesome and powerful buckets of chicken. Then Uhuru walked towards where Takatahi and Hiari were sitting and asked them "Hey, what are you both doing?" "We're eating buckets of chicken. You want to join us?" asked Takatahi "Yes" said Uhuru. Uhuru joined Takatahi and Hiari in eating buckets of chicken and a few minutes later Vapous appeared and asked them "Hey can I join in on you all eating those awesome tasting buckets of chicken?" asked Vapous "Of course you can, what would any objections be of that?" asked Hiari "OK, I'll just assume that means yes" said Vapous. Vapous then sat on the ground and began eating buckets of chicken with the other Toa. "Hey, does anyone know what Dinis is doing?" asked Takatahi "I'm sure he's doing what most fire-spitters do" said Vapous "And would a fire-spitter be doing right now?" asked Hiari "It's simple doing useless crap using fire" said Vapous. The Toa all then laughed for about a minute "It's funny because that's what he does" said Vapous as he was rolling on the floor laughing. Dinis then walked towards the Toa "I sense Dinis' presence coming closer to us, I think we should get back to our villages before he wonders what we're all doing here" said Uhuru "Why don't we just invite him to just sitting him and eating buckets of chicken?" asked Takatahi "It seems to risky" said Uhuru "It's risky because Dinis is nothing, but a fire-spitter that gets impatient and angry at the most weird crap" said Vapous and as he said that Dinis walked closer and closer towards where the Toa were standing and then walked right behind where Vapous was standing. The Toa all began to look serious and slightly scared towards Vapous, without knowing why Vapous then looked behind him and saw Dinis standing at him as he stared right in his face "What was that just said about me you weak piece of water and crap" said Dinis "Uh nothing...PLEASE don't kick me in the crotch because it still hurts a lot" said Vapous as he appeared to be asking for mercy from Dinis. Dinis then walked away from where Vapous was standing and fired a ball of fire at Vapous' back which hit him directly where he was aiming it "Hey why do you keep attacking me like that?" said Vapous "Hey, if I agree to bring Flying Robot Manatee back to life will you all shut up and get off of that filthy ground you're all sitting on?" asked Dinis "Yeah sure" said Hiari as he appeared occupied with a bucket of chicken he was eating "OK then it's settled, we'll bring Flying Robot Manatee back to life" said Dinis. The Toa then got off of the ground and all stood back at where they were at the entrance of the core. The Toa wouldn't realize what was about to happen in the process of bringing Flying Robot Manatee back to life, but they were about to find out.